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Hello everybody

Would like to tell you what happened to my old roses that I inherited of the former owner of my garden.


Since we moved in about 6 years ago, these two roses had to move several times. They did not die but they refused to make knew sprouts. They made it through  last winter again, but one suddenly started to look very poorly and the leaves that had already been pushing were kind of hanging down. I thought, that must be it and decided to take this rose out as soon as possible.

In the meantime I read Kaviraj's book and one day I made silicea water for my garden. I passed every plant and gave it (only once - that is very important) of the silicea water. Also the two roses got their share.

And now this miraculous thing happened. It was not a week later and the  old roses both had a new sprout of already 5cm. And the one with the hanging leaves did not look poorly at all anymore.


I have also given silicea water to amaryllis that refused to start growing again last November!! I waited  instead of throwing it out and put it back in the cellar. Than in Feb. I took it up again gave some water etc. etc. but nothing would happen - now 10 Days ago I gave it some silicea water...and? well I am sure you know what happened it started growing as well.


This is my little homeopathic garden story to brighten up every gardeners heart in this world.

Have a wonderful day



Oh forgot to say - thank you Kaviraj.


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Hi Claudia,


We have very, very old roses and they are beautiful and fragrant. The soil around the roses is exhausting (weather-eaten) year after year and the roots become naked/defenseless. Especially, the micro roots and around the main branch. Therefore, you should add the mixture of 10 cm (unless the root is so naked as in the 1st picture, in that case you need to fill the area + the 10cm) good black soil and agricultural soil (50/50%) every 3-4 years within the radius of 1,5-2 m around the main branch. Before you add the soil, irrigate the soil within that radius and a bit outer as well. Wait 10 minutes and peck up the ground gently 10cm deep with a garden fork without turning it out. Now you can add the soil mixture on the area. Irrigate a bit and wait 10 minutes. Tread well the soil till you get the 10cm height.


Naked main branch and root:



If you have roses in line or in an area or part of your garden, you can add the soil mixture to the whole area. It's tiresome but it's worth do do.

Earlier i mentioned the organic algae fertilizer that we use beside Agro-homeopathy. It's really makes sense as well.






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