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This book invites us to dig deeper into the knowledge of Lyme disease and how we can prevent and heal it with Homeopathic medicine. He introduces us to the use of Aurum arsenicosum in addition to the more common remedy used in these cases: Ledum pallustre.

Here's an excerption from his book:

At the beginning of the 70’s an unusual number of cases of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis were reported from the region around Old Lyme, Conneticticut. From this town was derived the English name of the disease. Many of those affected said that they had noticed a skin outbreak before the joint pains set in, and a portion of these recalled tick bites in the past – in the very place where the skin lesions later made their appearance..

The bacterium infesting the ticks was named Borrelia burgdorferi after Dr. Willy Burgdorfer, the researcher who isolated the spirochete in 1981. Borrelia burgdorferi, the genospecies found in the USA, is associated chiefly with the arthritic form of the disease, termed “Lyme arthritis”.

In Germany, as well as in North America, peple ordinarily speak of “tick bites.” More accurately the tick actually stings its victim. Ticks have no teeth; but rather pierce the skin like a mosquito. As with most blood-sucking parasites, ticks inject an anti-coagulant enzyme into the puncture site, allowing them to suck for an extended period (if undisturbed, the tick’s feast can last for 1-2 days.).Since mosquitos in our latitudes are also known to carry other epidemic diseases.., the suspicion arises that they also have their part to play in spreading Lyme disease.

For the prevention of Lyme disease following a tick bite we recommend the following provisions:

1. The tick should be immediately removed in its entirety. As an aid to hikers and dog-lovers there are tick-pliers readily available at the drug store or at the veterinarian's. These serve the purpose better than tweezers or one's fingernails, which can tear the head off and as a consequence do nothing to prevent the infection.

2. On the day of the bite and for two subsequent days the recommendation is to take one or two doses of just one globule of Ledum palustre C30. This can be obtained in the first-aid section of any good homeopathic pharmacy.

3. Just to be sure, we give just one globule of the Aurum arsenicosum C200 on the sixth and twelfth day following the bite.

A number of colleagues have told me that in past seven years they have cared for more than a dozen tick bite victims using this or a very similar method, and that no case has proceeded to a clinical manifestation of Lyme disease. Nor did it show up when a serum test was made.

The treatment of patients with Lyme disease is generally no different from the homeopathic treatment of other chronic conditions. As always in homeopathy, the law of similars is fundamental.

PREVENTION: Use of geranium or other essential oils


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Dear Bente ~ I truly appreciate this review of 'The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease' by Peter Alex. I had no idea there were specialized tick-pliers, which I should go out and purchase, because we have lots of ticks in North Carolina. I removed two from the grandchildren and two from my husband in June. These ticks had already been embedded into their skin and was difficult to remove using tweezers. I swabbed the area with alcohol after removing the tick as best I could.

The head easily disjoints itself from the body and when applying pressure the toxins can leak out from the insect. I first read information on-line and duly applied upward force and not twisting or side-ways to grasp the insect and pull out.

I gave Ledum, as noted. However, I did not know about the use of Aurum ars. So far, we see no consequence from these tick bites. This is a must read for everyone in tall-grassy areas where ticks live.

Thank you so much for writing the Excerpt of the book!
It is amazing how well Ledum seems to work as "first aid" prevention of Lyme.
Less amazingly, given that fact .. is that it so often does a great deal of the work in curing cases of Lyme. When I was living in Asheville, North Carolina, I treated one Lyme case .. she had been quite ill, but before meeting with me .. had come approximately 50% toward cure .. a plateau which was not yielding to any of the previous treatments (included TCM mainly.)
As Peter Alex mentions "The treatment of patients with Lyme disease is generally no different from the homeopathic treatment of other chronic conditions. As always in homeopathy, the law of similars is fundamental."
-and in taking the case, it seemed clear that Ledum was called for ... some good progress was made over a few months, but then seemed to stall .. a followup interview revealed a couple of Black Letter symptoms of Nat.Mur .. which finished the case within another couple of months.
David, thanks for your reply and sharing this case with us. It is great to see how homeopathy enfolds its miracles - especially in patients that have tried other treatments without final results. Congrats!

It is strange that you mention the black letter symptoms of the remedy the patient needed following Ledum, as I have myself experience developing strong key note symptoms after taking Ledum as a treatment related to neurological symptoms following an insect bite. I got black letter Mercurius symptoms, which is on and of itself interesting because Frans Vermeulen "described the family relationship of Borrelia to the treponemes which accompany syphilis.. For some time there have been reports of Lyme-infected mothers, who pass on to their unborn child certain deformities which resemble those caused by syphilis.."

And as we know Mercury is the principal remedy for the syphilitic miasm. This was the reason why Peter Alex started to investigate on the Aurum arsenicosum in the first place.

I am coming in on this conversation after a co-worker of my daughter's was stung by a tick. They live in Virginia and through a series of miscommunications about tests and medications this man has developed the neurological symptoms and starting to have lung issues. I was grateful to Homeopathy World Community giving me names of Homeopathic Professionals in his area that he can go to get his health back. I also was blessed to listen to an interview of Peter Alex recorded on the Whole Health Now website at this url Lyme Talk from WholeHealthNow Peter explains more about the reasons behind using the Aurum Ars Very interesting. Thank you to all who share their experiences healing with Classical Homeopathy.


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