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  • The Organon. 
  • Hahnemann's Chronic Diseases and Lesser Writings.
  • "The Genius of the Homeopathic Art"
  • Letters and Life of Hahnemann by Bradford
  • Life and Work of Hahnemann by Heil.
  • Lippe, found mostly in the old journals. 
  • P. P. Wells old journal articles.
  • Boeninghausen's Lesser Writings
  • Carol Dunham's The Science of Therapeutics.
  • Roberts The Art and Science of Homeopathy
  • Elizabeth Right Hubbard's Brief Study Course in Homeopathy.
  • Nash's Leaders in Homeopathic Therapeutics,
  • Tyler's Drug Pictures, 
  • Herring's Guiding Symptoms,
  • Clark's Dictionary of Materia Medica,
  • Gibson's Materia Medica.

Free Homeopathic Books

H.C. Allen

T.F. Allen

C.V. Boenninghausen

C.M. Boger

Dewey, Boericke

Oscar Boericke

S. Close

Carroll Dunham

Constantine Hering

J.T. Kent

A. Lippe

R.G. Miller

E.B. Nash

Vladimir Polony

H. Roberts

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Replies to This Discussion

After lots of hard work was able to complete the translation of 1st edn OF ORGANON publ by B. Jain. Friends, need your support & comments
I have this book, CONGRATULATIONS! But I am trying to obtain books from Kolkata by your goodself and Dr Mahendra Singh, please advise. I have some of them already.

Dear Debby

Thank you so much for your helpful suggestion. I would like to add "Essence of Materia Medica" and "Homeopathy, Medicine for the new Millennium" by professor George Vithoulkas, to your nicely chosen list".   



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