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I am moving and am reducing the size of my homeopathic library. All of these are for sale.


If interested contact me at:

Steve Waldstein RSHom (NA) CCH PCH

Classical Homeopathy, Inc.

3090 S Jamaica Court Suite 100

Aurora, CO 80014


homeopathy-cures. com


All the following are available for the following prices: If VG or G condition 20% of Normal Selling Price. If Fair or Poor Condition any reasonable offer. 


Guide to Abbreviation: Hom = Homeopathy  MM= Materia Medica M=Medicine

All hardcover unless says pb= paperbook

Condition: E= Excellent , VG=Very Good, G= Good, F=Fair



Author                                                  Title                              Condition

Jan Scholten                       Wad Stories                                         VG

Jan Scholten                       Minerals in Plants                                VG

McCabe                               Homeopathic Healing & You                  F

Cohen                                   Compl. & Alt. Med: Legal Boundaries & Persp     VG

Hering                                   Guiding Symptoms 10 volumes           VG

Clarke                                   A Dictionary of Practical MM 3 vol      VG

Allen                                      Encyclopedia of Pure MM 12 volumes   VG

Kent                                      Final General Rep small                       Fair

Patel                                      Word Index w/Rubcrics                       VG

Chitkaran                             New Comparative Hom MM of Mind         G

Tyler                                      Beginners Guide to Hom                     G

Allen                                      MM of Nosodes                                   G

Lippe                                     Textbook of MM                                G

Johnnson                               Therapeutic Key                                 G

Dunham                               Lectures of MM                                         G

Agarwal                                Key to Rubrics of the Mind                       G

Black                                      The Patient Not the Cure (pb)              F

Gamble                                   Mastering Homeopathy (pb)                 VG

Roberts                                  The Principle & Art of Cure by Hom        VG

Mathur                                 Principle of Prescribing                              G

Kent                                      Lecture on Hom MM                                  G

Cowperwaite                     A Textbook of MM & Theraputics                    G

Tyler                                      Homeopathic Drug Pictures                       F

Kunkler                             Synthetic Repertory 1984   3 vol                     G

Kunkler                             Synthetic Repertory 1984   3 vol                     F

Julian                               Julians New Remedy                                 G

Vithoulkas                        Talks on Classical Homeopathy 3 vol                        VG

Sehgal                              Rediscovery of Homeopathy  6 volumes (pb)      VG

Hering                             The Hom Domestic Physician                               G

Phatak                             Concise Repertory of Hom Med                            G

Banerjee                         Chronic Diseases                                                  G

Dudgeon                             Lectures on the Theory & Practice of Hom         G

Clark                                      The Prescriber                                              F

Phatak                                  MM of Hom Med                                              F

Allen                                      The Chronic Miasms                                       G

Leeser                                  Textbook of Hom MM                                       G

Bradford                              The Life & Letters of Hahnemann                     G

Allen                                      Keynotes and Leading Remedies                    G

Banerjee                             Realistic MM                                                  G

Inst. of Med                       Complementary & Alternative Med in US            VG

Haehl                                    Samuel Hahnemann His Life & Work 2 vol       G

Ullman                                  Research in Hom Med 1980 (pb)                      F

Jahr                                        Therapeutic Guide 40 year of Practice          G

Tyler                                      Pointers to the Common Remedies                G

Close                                     Genius of Homeopathy                                  G

Farrington                           Comp MM                                                        G

Agrawal                                MM of the Human Mind                                  G

Gross                                    Comparative  MM                                           G

Stephenson                       Hahnemannian Provings 1924-1959                     G

Boenninghausen              Characteristics                                                    G

Kent                                      Final General Repertory                               P

Boger                                    Times of the Remedies (pb)                          F

Lippe                                     Keynotes & Redline Symptoms                     G

Desai                                     How to Find the Similimum With Boger Rep   F

Dunham                               The Science of Theraputics                             G

Sankaran                             Some Cross References to Kent Rep (pb)         G

Allen                                      Boenninghausen Therapeutic Pocket Book     G

Gering                                   Analytic Rep of Symptoms of the Mind             G

Patel                                      The Art of Cure                                              G

Hering                                   Condensed MM                                                G

Patel                                      Word Index of Dr. Kent's Rep                         P

Allen                                      Diseases of the Skin                                       G

Morgan                                                Diptheria                                         G

Van Boenninghausen     Systematic Alphabetic Rep                                       G

-                                              The Homeopathic Heritage 1985                  G



Many Many Years of Back Issues

Homeopathic Links

The Homeopath (Uk)

The American Homeopath



Homeopathy Today


41 small booklets by Homeopathic Greats

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Am interested in the magazines do u have the list ?

I am looking for a reference book that has info on all the miasm's. ie including typhoid, ringworm etc.

Any advise is great.


Vickie Craig


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