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Three days ago I received Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s book "The Journey into the Human Core". For me it is always a little bit strange to read books about Sensation method not written by Rajan Sankaran.

"The Journey into the Human Core" is a beautiful little book in which Dinesh explains his original vision for health and disease, introducing the term "vibrational patterns”.

In his first book Dr Chauhan describes the main theoretical principles in the Sensation Method – basic themes and sensations in different kingdoms, different levels in patients etc - the same matter as in Sankaran's books but from so different point of view. Such a nice passion.

And there is one thing I was looking for in the books I have read so far – many illustrations of hand gestures, which the patient makes during the Case Taking.

Dinesh prefers to use the term “Case Witnessing Process” and it is very interesting to understand the different meaning that he puts in this term.
Dinesh’ way of Case Taking is specific and original and that made me think that for us is good to know more styles of different masters of Sensation Method in order to determine which of them is closer to us as individuals.

Dr Chauhan is currently working on his next two books - "The Journey after the Similimum" and "The Journey of Case Witnessing Process" and I definitely want to have them as soon as possible.

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Dear Rumen,

Thank you for adding Dinesh's book and the pdfs, I am not sure if it is available in the UK yet. It certainly is a good idea to show drawings of the gestures.
It is good to read another of the Bombay's groups individual view of the Sensation Method. I have followed Rajan's seminars since his early visit to the UK in 1987, but do not myself fully embrace the Method in my practice. I enjoyed Jahesh Shar's 'Into the Periodic Table' and found it to be an immensely clear study of rows 1 and 2.
I have also attended several seminars with Divya Chabba, at the time (2003-05) she was not using miasms at all! and gave a very interesting lecture on six types of case taking.
So something to learn from everyone to add to our case taking skills and help to our patients.
Warm regards,
hello Mike-myself Dr. Urvi chauhan- the publisher of both of Dinesh's books-first one-A Journey into the Human core and second- A Wander with a Little Wonder: Child-Centric Case Witnessing- thank you for your views upon the book- as Rumen mentioned-presence of Hand gestures and many such illustrative diagrams are the special feature of both these books- both of them are very much available in UK- where are you located?
dear Rumen,thank you very much for your view upon our first book- will wait to know your view upon the next one-am sure you must have received your copy by now....


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