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Dinesh Chauhan The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process | Journey Of Three Steps

Chauhan / Oomphoo
The Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process: The Journey of Three Steps


My introduction to Drs Urvi and Dinesh Chauhan's book was through a pixie invented to act as moderator and create intrigue for learners to their method of case-taking.

I have read numerous children's books which animate a figure or animal in the style of Disney. The speaking character, fictitious animal or cartoon character flows through the entire length of a story, biography or science book to get children thinking.

This pop-up character can also be thought of like a host or third-party in a dramatic play that speaks to the audience while the actors continue on stage. This sets up a special relationship between the viewers and the character moderator whereby they know what's happening in the minds of the actors, or something about what's going on behind the scenes, or creating a secretive type atmosphere of anticipation. In these cases, you, as reader become an active participant in such a way that the audience knows what's going to happen but the actors do not. Or, it could be, we get prepared for some unknown future event that sets us on the edge of our seat.

This playful little character called 'Oomphoo' in the new Chauhan book was designed to play the part of the unconscious intuitive mind that each of us have but to whom we don't always pay attention.

Having such a character really fits the theme and atmosphere of a book that discusses dreams and symbolism. Oompha also plays helps lighten the heaviness that we may succumb when delving into the mind's workings, the somewhat imaginative realm of dreams and the subconscious mind. This little character, I haven't figured out whether a he or a she, tells us those 'asides' to keep us moving through the book, pausing and thinking.

Overall it as if the authors put us in a playful childlike mood by the presentation method of this book.

Authors: Dr. Dinesh Chauhan and Oomphoo Published was published by Philosia Publication (Dr.Urvi Chauhan) “This new book from his now seasoned hand, is a delight to read, for it is clear and insightful, and carries the reader along to remember perennial truths ….” (From foreword by Misha Norland) “…profound insight explained in a simple way and presented systematically.” (From foreword by Harry van der Zee, Editor-in-chief of Homoeopathic Links)

One of the biggest achievements for a homoeopathic doctor is reaching a comprehensive understanding of his patients so that he can find a simillimum for them. And this is where the importance of case taking comes in. Dr. Dinesh's scientifically intuitive case witnessing process (a uniquely designed case taking model) helps a homoeopath reach the deepest core of the patient with relative ease. The entire process is completely scientific, human-centric, simple, and reproducible. Furthermore, anyone, be that a traditional classical homoeopath or a contemporary classical homoeopath, can make use of the CWP with ease and success.

In this book, you will find (with case examples):

  • Exploration of the connecting thread that runs through the myriad of homeopathic approaches , ranging from the traditional Hahnemannian approach to the contemporary classical era; ultimately, Dr.Chauhan unites them in a comprehensive vision
  • The A to Z of the Case Witnessing Process (CWP): Introduction, importance, aims and objectives
  • The Three fundamental Steps of the CWP: Passive, Active, and Active-Active CWP (Importance, Application, as well as pointers for progressing from steps 1-3)
  • Possible obstructions one may face, and the appropriate techniques of case taking, such asDenial, Projection, Dissociation, Internal witnessing, etc., etc., to tackle such obstructions in a case and pointers that help one know WHICH technique to use WHEN
  • A study of WHEN, HOW and WHAT healing awareness takes place in the patient during the case interview
  • A path-breaking concept: “Healing the Healer”. The therapeutic effect of the CWP on the healer
  • Numerous sketches of hand gestures made by patients, drawings that bring to life the illustrative cases presented in the book


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