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Hello, I am looking for a copy of this book A Christian's Guide to Homeopathy, Alan CROOK, MA, MCH, RSHom. Anyone know where I can get it? In my community there is a lot of misunderstanding about homeopathy and the concern is whether or not it is Christian. Not being a Christian or raised a Christian, I need some help explaining homeopathy. On the other hand, perhaps you have other books you might suggest? Thank you.

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Hi Myra ~ I have come across similar misconceptions. My easiest approach is to say how many of your clients are of Catholic, Baptist, Christian or a faith similar to theirs. It helps if you give a reference or recommendation. I've told them to ask their clergy if it is okay. Tell them they can hear what you have to say and then make a decision whether to continue with you. I always give prospective clients 15 minutes free session.

Concentrate more on their problem and your approach to care. That should do it.

Thank you, I am listening to your input. I appreciate your insight. I often don't have the opportunity for this face time and thought if there was this book or article in the healthfood store in town people could look at it w/o feeling threatened.

Hi Myra,
Here in Slovakia we have a very serious problem with some "sectors" of the catholic church. They accuse homeopathy of witchcraft and black magic and actively preach against it. In the cities it is not a big issue but in the rural areas it is quite a problem. As David says, homeopathy does have a kind of magic. They have perceived this but consider any kind of magic different than their own as black, bad or wrong magic. So I do understand how you feel, dogmatic people are very difficult to get through to. I did not know this book existed and would be very interested to get my hands on it. If you come a cross a possibility to purchase it please let me know where.

Hi Irene,
I am so sorry to hear this is happening in Solvakia. Some people from Slovakia follow my newsletter. I haven't found it for sale but I borrowed it for a while from a homeopath here.

I have not seen your newsletter Myra. So happy you are visiting HWC
Irene, I have someone in Ždiar who would like your contact information. She is advocate of homeopathy and gemmotherapy. Could you please give me your contact information? I will forward it to her. Thank you, Myra
sing up for my enewsletter on my website, - it is geared to the layperson as is my blog.

found it here
Thank you so much.



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