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Hello, I am looking for a copy of this book A Christian's Guide to Homeopathy, Alan CROOK, MA, MCH, RSHom. Anyone know where I can get it? In my community there is a lot of misunderstanding about homeopathy and the concern is whether or not it is Christian. Not being a Christian or raised a Christian, I need some help explaining homeopathy. On the other hand, perhaps you have other books you might suggest? Thank you.

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Homoeopathy for a Christian it is Christian and for our Islamic brother it is Islam and for Buddhist friend it is Buddhism and for a Hindu it is sanathana dharma(,the way of life) and there is all isms attached since all religions ultimately reaches to only the Ultimate Divinity and the ALMIGHTY GOD AND YOU CAN BE anybody but a human to understand this vital force and the essence is spirit of Homoeopathy.Homoeopathy has sympathy and empathy because it is so humane and has no place for apathy please. May God Bless you my fraternal sister.

My best wishes
Thank you Raghavan, I believe you. But I encounter and sometimes 4 people a week who say, Homeopathy is against the beliefs of my religion...
You can buy it from Minimum Price Books. It's a fairly good book, but I'm not sure it would convince the most conservative Christians.
Hi Bernie,

Yes, Minimum Price has been out of stock since 2007. I am hoping to find it used. I Googled around to no avail.

Happy Monday to you,

Hahnemann was Christian .. Lutheran.
His writing is infused with references to Deity .. "creator" is how this is usually rendered in English.
Kent was Christian, Swedenborg style
MOST of the homeopaths in the English speaking world .. during the 1800 - early 1900's would have been Christians.
Some of the fringe-fundamentalists of today have been manipulated into thinking that homeopathy is akin to 'witchcraft' -personally I think it has a lot in common with magic, but not the ritual type magick .. more like the magic of nature -we can't forget that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
-you might get somewhere with some of the modern physics which shows that homeopathic remedies have some "testable" .. "scientific" .. effects.

You might want to contact Dr. Leela d'Souza .. she's written an article for a Catholic magazine on homeopathy .. and this 'scientific' article
Thank you, David, for the links. I will contact Dr. d'Souza. If I have permission to reprint the article that would be great. Additionally, the owner of our local healthfood store would like to have something like this posted in his shop.

Take care.

Hi Myra,
This seems very late, but I chanced upon your post.
Here are my articles and yes, you ahve the permission to reprint a series of 3 articles that are very throughly prepared from the Christian/catholic point of view.

Here are the links:

Homeopathy and Soul – I – In the Beginning

Homeopathy and Soul Part 2

Homeopathy and Soul Part 3

Homeopathy and Soul Part 4


Thank you!
This author argues that Hahnemann was Muslim. I doubt it, but a reverence for God fills his writings.
Hahnemann was a Freemason, as the records of the Lodges where he was a member prove. He was definitively not a Christian in the classic sense, but through his studies was fully convinced of the existence of the Deity.

He was certainly not a Muslim although he spoke, wrote and read fluent Arabic, among the 12 languages he mastered.
Mastery of the Arabic language does not make one a Muslim, just as mastery of French does not make you a Frenchman.
He used the word "providence" to indicate the Deity.

Can you give me a reference about Hahnemann being a Mason?  The Illuminati as founded in 1776.  Curious if he were in any way tied to that organization.  You are right to note that classical Christianity and Freemasonry are by no means identical.

Brent Reed


That link brings me to a webpage and says the article is not there.
Can you tell us how to find it? I am interested reading this slant on things.


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