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Has anyone had experience to treat a type 1 diabetes case?  I am treating one, I need guide lines.

My patient shows significant improvement by his constitutional remedy in 6 weeks, but they also call this as "honey moon period" where the beta cells of GB works  temporary, which may last up to 2 months to 2 years and then rests for life time and patient becomes insulin dependant for life time.

Please share your experience.

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Well Nira
I had had a few patients of Type 1 DM, but they could not cope up with the treatment in the absence of Insulin supplements.
You may however reduce the intensity and onset of secondary symptoms with homeopathic prescription.

Thanks for your reply.
What i believe is they have to continue taking insulin but what would happen with continued homeopathic treatment? Will they need less units of insulin gradually or not? Is it possible that they may not need insulin at all?
My patient is a young boy and he came to me asap after the diagnosis so this boy still has some cells alive in his GB to produce insulin and gradually from 10 units he has gone down to 1 unit of insulin.
I wonder how long this will last?

Ms. Nira
If your pt. is young and has come to you soon after the diagnosis, there may be a good prognosis considering homeopathic treatment, but you must only watch out for complications and remedy them asap. The fact that your patients insulin need reduced to 1 unit is very laudable of your efforts.

Personally the patients that I have dealt, had come 3 - 7 years after the diagnosis and were already on 10 - 30 units of insulin. So it is a little difficult for me to assess how your patient would respond, but I wish he is doing it best.

In diabetes mellitus, mortality is attributed to sequela of disturbed carbohydrate metabolism. On a continued homeopathic treatment, the overall health is better in comparison to other treatment modalities. If the remedies prescribed on right lines, you prevent the chain of consequences to a greater extent. Your remedies should remove the tendencies and inherited dispositions,which is the cornerstone of homeopathic treatment. You can actually prevent or stop these complications from developing.

The question of some cells still alive in his Pancreas which are producing insulin is very optimistic, but if these cells are alive, making them work and stimulating them further is the main challenge of treatment, as i feel personally.
You may refer to Nat.sulf. from Clarke, which seem to have a property like this. And if indicated, the lower potency would be ideal considering the pathological change that is required from its action.

I am open for clarification.

I was buying more days to reply to this. My patient is really doing good at this time. he is off of "Lantus" night time long acting insulin and "humalog" for 2 times only. He is given insulin just before lunch and dinner, no breakfast time. His allopathic dr has suggested to take him off of all insulin now! i am waiting how he will do now!
In my case as you said, patient came in the very beginning of the sickness is the favoring point for homeopathy.

What is the cause of type 1 diabetic auto immune disease-syphylitic?  How do you deal a syphilitic disease and which symptoms do you prefer for repertorization?

The cause is not known. But environmental and genetic factors may have role.
I take detailed history and pick symptoms which are pertaining and affecting most to the pt and then do the repertorization. I usually give more importance to mental and general symptoms. I use physicals as comfirmative symptoms, and would go for the remedy if it fits to the mental picture well, I also consider the general image which comes out during the consultaion. i hope this answers your question.
Dear Dr. Sunny.
DM type-1 is autoimmune.
Its classification as syphilitic or sycotic is not a question of therapeutic signifcance.
If repertorization is required, we would be using the symptoms as presented by the patient.
Glad to know that your patient is doing is fine, and now that he would be off insulin, it would give you a better platform to learn the natural history of this disease in your patient.

Dr nira, You did not mention the names of homeopathic medicines you applied for your patient.You please study the medicines x-ray, radium bromide, uranium nitricum from the books of Dr.Boericke,Allen,Clarke, then you will be able to treat Diabetes properly.I will help you,if you like . Please read my blog to have some knowledge about immunology and can read some books on immunology also.

Dear Nira Andhiria

My wife and I  have been working with T1 and T2 diabetic patients for more than 4.5 years. The first T1D patient was a girl aged 13. She benefited homeopathic remedies during a one year period. Her need to Insulin decreased by 25%, her HgbA1c that was 10 lowered to 8, FBG lowered to near normal level, her mood improved and she got more hopeful and happier than before. Her case can be seen on Hpathy website



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