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am puting a discussion topic on auto ammune diseases here one is MYASTHENIA GRAVIS. here is also effected antibodies and acombine with intruption of neuro trasmitters.. the main cuse is THYMUS gland which some time increase or scuease and effcet the musculer srength. same as a part peralyise.
i noticed while practiceing with this disease A rememdy Beptiea is increase the immunity level as wel as antibodies but culd not increase the musculer srenght.. i have also tried RUS TOX, CONIUM and DULCAMARA.They improved but not cure kindly help me for cure. where is hand grip and both of arms are little effects of disease

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what is autoimmune disease? its under syphilitic miasm-for treating syphilitic miasm we must consider syphylitic rubric and some sycotic and psoric .all medicine had the three miasms, but percentage of miasms different . In myastinea gravus here weakness is caused by circulating antibodies that block acetylcholine receptors at the post-synaptic neuromuscular junction, inhibiting the stimulative effect of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, leading to fluctuating muscle weakness and fatiguability.what cause behind this disease to a perticvular person?Enqiure about a/f ,reactivity,sensitivity,relationship,emotional level,Please select a animal drugif autoimmune disease,only second chance to mineral remedies ,third chance to plant, then nosode
Enqiures about history of the MG affected person which is treating here on my clinic have past history of Typhoid & Malases in his younger age of 30years Now he is in the 43 year married man with irrtbale mod. mostly he is in anger state of mind. his B/p 160/90. which is variated day by day mostly is stil on 140/80. he is recover from his illness which effect his musculer system he was difficulty to walk and move his hands which are same as payralizised person.
But now after 1 year Homeopathic treatment he will walk and run without hezitation but one problem is still remain the same but in low saviourty he is i>b>LOW grip in hands and he is feel low strenght in his arms specialy in left arm & left eye lesh..
over all is health is good but B,p is ocoure but its up when he distribed his diet reather then it cant effect.
So kindly atention on this can improve his arms strenght & hands grip..

In this case i got much benifit from BEPTiSIA, RUS TOX, DULCAMARA, SYPHILINUM, TYPHOIDINUM & PSORINUM as per condition.
Please give that man lyssinum -1m -1dose.then keep your hand behind for 45days
Thanx sir, for your persiouse time giving, i think you prefer mentel symtoms thats why prescribing Lyssinum.
its a good remedy but i have not much practice with it but now i'll use it and hopefull for its good effects.
how is your lyssinum patient
In last few months the patient have no visit to me.but he come to me in last weak with same complains as i discribe upwards but one thing is hyper his angerness so i gave him Arsenicum iodatum 30c it have effect but not much so now i stop his medicine, just on plasibo for a weak & then i decide to act upon your adivse to gave him lyssinum- 1m. hopefuully it works.
Very often mineral remedies are used for loss of function. I recently repertorized for the inability to grip and hold items. Remedies in the row with cuprum came up strongly. And natrums,too. Maybe find more rubrics to list in the repertory? Scholten's lanthanides are specific to auto-immune disease, as well.

i dont think specific are not capable to curative.only constitutional remedy can act curative
For this complaint please consider these remedies also;

Alum. Caust. con. cur. cytin. diph. dub. gels. nat-m. Parathyr. pic-ac. sep. stann. stroph-h. sulph. thuj.
Thank you Dr. sajjad akram sab,
i also tried severals they have good effects but that time its have in constant position. That am waiting result for Dr Sunny's prescribed remedy " Layssinum 1M"
Kindly tell me can you handle before a patient of MG.

Dear Dr Asif,
A person consulted me for the same problem of his wife. I refuse to take the case since his brother is an allopath. After my refusal she is admitted in the hospital and is still there. I do not treat cases where there is constant interference by allopath.My selection was causticum since she has respiratory problems.


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