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Using Homeopathy To Alter Habitual Patterns by Janet Zand

She spoke of addictions that become habitual, as well as experiences of life which lead to habitual behaviours.

The cause should be taken ‘good’ because you might find that the ‘chronic’ problem can be cured with an acute remedy. An example ; a woman, a chain smoker. The chain smoking began after being trapped in an elevator 12 years earlier. Aconite cured. “In self-remembering, it is possible to break the addiction”, Janet said. The four phases of recovery from addiction are:

1.      Acute withdrawal

2.      Detoxification

3.      Recovery

4.      Maintenance

She cautioned to be aware that many habitual addictions do not involve substances – one can be addicted to work, sex or relationships.

A man who was addicted to work and who behaved like a tyrant at home, was cleared with Lycopodium – a remedy, that is almost unique in its memory for smells and memories of annoying details – in which they wallow.

A man who was compelled by an infatuation with a woman was cleared of the habitual pattern (and of his long standing asthma) with Tuberculinum.

A woman who was unable to leave the husband who beat her, was able to resolve it with a dose of Pulsatilla despite the efforts of 10 years of therapy.


Some Other Points:
– Fear with awareness of heart palpitation (common among users of cocaine).

Antimonium tartaricum – Delirium with stomach pains and vomiting with much mucus (most common among heroin addicts).

Arsenicum album – Delirium with restlessness and agitation (most common among users of marijuana).

Nux vomica – Delirium with muscle spasms and twitching. (common in alcoholics and cocaine users).

Stramonium – Delirium imagining animals and insects (common among alcoholics).

Valeriana – Excited and sleepless with irrational mood changes (if the patient is withdrawing from sleeping medication or using alcohol to help them sleep).

Belladonna – sudden and violent behavior with an inclination to bite.

Crocus – Anger leads to violence followed by quick apologies.

Tuberculinum – drinking leads to violence.

Lilium tigrinum – Irritable and nasty. Worse in the evenings. Somewhat violent. May throw things like dishes. Hyper critical.

Excerpts from NCH annual conference, San Francisco, march 1992. | JANET ZAND, O.M.D., L.Ac. is a nationally respected author, lecturer, practitioner and herbal products formulator whose work has helped thousands of people achieve better health. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, a Doctor of Naturopathy and a Board Certified Acupuncturist. With over twenty years of experience in natural medicine, Dr. Zand has developed a unique approach which combines herbal medicines with nutrition, homeopathy and acupuncture.

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I can't believe we have no comments on this page! Awesome introduction to dealing with addictions and list of common remedies.

Nice post.

wish u peace..


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