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Our polychrest remedies have sufficient depth to influence the glandular conditions. If we closely study these constitutionals, many are from the same chemical base from which our body is composed of like Sulphur, Phosphorus, Siliceas, the Kalis, the Natrums, the Carbons and the Magnesiums.

Lycopodium is vegetable Sulphur: and is one of the very few survivors of primitive plant life. It has survived all this time because of its basic quality inherent in the development of life and probably because of this it has great potential influence on organic functions. Acute glandular affections start from on the right side and travel to left. Lycopodium has furrowed face and forehead, thin upper torso and plump lower body. There is great weariness and tired feeling after slightest exertion particularly in the legs. Mentally is fearful land sad. The pains are burning.

Hering noted the action of Sulphur on the glands. It is also used to stir up the organism to react when seemingly indicated remedies fail to arouse any action especially in relapses where the patient reverts back after moving forwards towards cure.

Phosphorus is equally useful in glandular affections and is typically pseudo-psoric. Phosphorus is excitable. It is erotic in its sexual manifestations such as insanity to lasciviousness, to vicarious menses, impotence and abnormal labor. It affects the development of physical body and it affects the ability to concentrate. Phosphorus is sharp and intelligent and creative in outlook but physically too weak to come up to the expectation. Both Phosphorus and Phosphoric acid are considered in Glycosuria.

Nitric acid has a powerful action on the glandular dysfunctions of syphilitic origin.  Extreme sensitivity even to touch is characteristic. There is circulatory disturbance and prostration. Numbness of hands and fingers in Nitric acid is characteristic.

Natrums are gloomy. They are themselves miserable and make others miserable by their negative thinking and looking to the darker side of the life.  They hate consolation. There is sudden failing of strength, excessive draining of body fluid sudden loss of flesh and emaciation around neck even when eating ravenously.  Natrum Group has marked action on Thyroid gland. Natrum Mur has sensation of compression around the gland where as Natrum Ars has sensation as if the gland is held between the thumb and the forefinger. Natrum Carb is chilliest but cannot stand the heat of the sun, may get the heat stroke faster. Natrum Carb suffers from over study where as Natrum Mur cannot exert. Like all Natrums they are a picture of anemia. Tears in emotional depression or emotional excitement and marked desire for salt often associates with all symptoms. Natrum Phos like Phosphorus is effective in Diabetes, Natrum Sulph is Hydrogenoid, it is useful in glandular imbalance developed after head injury.

Kalis have glandular dysfunction and has anti syphilitic action though it is mostly anti-sycotic. Destruction of bony structures and ulcerations of mucus membrane. The chronic Kalis are anti-sycotics. He is a high strung nervous patient. Kali aceticum is useful in Diabetes when there is alkaline urine in large quantity and associated diarrhea and dropsy. Kali iodatum is a great goiter remedy with atrophy of testes and mammae.

Silicea has a vital relationship to growth and development of function of mind and body. Its action on the blood and the glandular tissue is key to its suppurative tendency. Reactions of vaccinations or inoculations and suppressed foot sweat are the characteristics of Silicea.

Calcarea indurates glandular tissue with its characteristic developmental symptomatology.

Iodines and Iodides affect glandular structures. It arouses the defensive system of the body. It has a tendency to loose flesh while eating well.

There are many other drugs having selective action on the ductless glands like Sepia, Argentum nitriucm, Graphites, Magnesium, even these will be useful while considering individual cases.


Dr. K.P. Muzumdar

CCRH Quarterly Bulletin

Vol 17(1 &2). 1995

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