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THE SCIENTIFICITY OF HOMOEOPATHY by George Dimitriadis BSc.(UNSW), DHom.(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), MBöAG(Ger), LiRF(HISyd)

I have used the term scientificity to describe the scientific nature of Homoeopathy. My aim in this short discourse is to impress upon you this scientificity in order that you will be better able to defend Homoeopathy as most scientific against even the strongest attacks.

In my own experience, attacks on Homoeopathy have come from those considering themselves scientific and yet who are committed to opinion and opposition without first observing the action of Homoeopathy. These same people arrogate themselves to the position of scrutineer on such scientific matters, without any serious attempt to observe the results of controlled experiments or to falsify the claims of homoeopaths, simply dismissing them as quickly as they were brought to their attention. Such individuals can only be regarded as pseudo-scientific parasites, since they postulate without first gathering their data and blindly follow in the opinions of their confederates.

It is not difficult to see that only a few scientists are more than followers of routine (pre-determined, accepted) methods and thoughts, and that only few are the inspiration, the backbone of true objective inquisition and logical reflection who explore beyond the ‘norm’, yet without losing sight of the very process of real science, which is the topic of this paper. We must welcome critical analyses but strongly reject any opinions passed in the wake of ignorance. It is imperative that we first look at the basic aspects of science in general and compare these with the methods
employed in Homoeopathy before we can draw any conclusions as to its’ scientificity.

There are four fundamental conditions which must be met in
the practice of science:
1. Observability

2. Reproducibility

3. Predictability

4. Testability

  • Homoeopathy and Science
  • Origins
  • Materia Medica
  • The Law of Cure - Scientific Medicine and Homoeopathy
  • 1 Similia
  • 2 Simplex (Single Remedy)
  • 3 Minima (Minimum Dose)
  • Conclusion

The Scientificity Of Homeopathy

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Really  A good pdf document. Thank you for you presentation. 


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