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These brief reports are offered as an attempt to illustrate a few uses of Streptococcin in the hope that it may repay in kind some of the benefits which the writer has received from others who have presented helpful demonstrations of homoeopathic principles and remedy action.

Streptococcin is one of the newer additions to our materiamedica. So far as I know its literature could hardly be called that. Margaret Tyler, in her Homoeopathic Drug Pictures characterizes as "a nightly remedy" but relates it only casually to diagnostic entities such asdiphtheria, scarlet fever, vaccination, measles, tonsillitis, chorea,rheumatism, qualifying only by intimating their use in suppressions and aftereffects; and I would suggest the chronic phase of serum sickness. Boericke, in the ninth edition of his Pocket Manual, suggests comparison with Pyrogen. He notes its use in the sepsis of infections diseases and remarks the rapidity of its antifebrile action. The addition of remedies of this sort to our materia medica seem to be necessary because of the ever increasing anaphylaxis of themasses by modern medical and surgical practices. Of necessity and according to law as these disease are induced, the principle of similars reveals newremedies to overcome them. But, as time goes on and the complexity becomes deeper, cures and even palliation become more difficult. Patients coming fromthe zestful but fateful efforts to attack diagnostic or pathological entities as such are harder to treat with the old measure of success and finality. They situation is made still more difficult for the independent practitioner by the decline of proving. This also is a problem for thoughtful concern.



Case 1

Boy, aged five, one of the two worst cases of impetigo-infact I had never seen anything like them. The other worst one was his brother,ill with it at the same time. The lesions began on the membranes of the lips;with yellowish crusts. Sulphur had no effect. Three days later, the lips, nose an chin were covered with black crusts, with bleeding from underneath them. Thecervical glands were swollen and tender. Tonsils also swollen which caused snoring, which had never occurred before. He was disturbed by any company andby noise.

Sepia relieved only temporarily and Lachesis, with Rhus,interposed, did nothing. The temperature remained consistently at 103, he was thirsty all the time and had a white coated tongue of the strawberry type.Streptococcin was then given. Improvement went on four days when the temperature shot up to 105, the left axillary glands were considerably swollen and very sore. He kept his hot feet out of bed; left full after a bit of food.Incontinence of feces and urine. Marked pallor despite the high temperature and abject weakness. Improvement was more rapid after another prescription of Streptococcin 1M and he made a good finish.

Case 2

The case of the brother, aged 8, was even more difficult. A month was consumed in overcoming the disease with its complications. The lesions began on the inside of the wrist and spread up the extremity in one raw, bloody suppurating mass. The discharge of pus was almost incredible. The chin was covered with red crusts. Of course there was serious glandular involvement as with the other boy. Temperature some of the time reached 105.Sulphur did nothing. Sepia modified, them Pyrogen helped once but not a second time. The most distressing feature was involvement of the nerve branches,causing the boy to shriek day and night during the times when the effect of Hypericum would wear off (and he was thirty miles away)amel. We had four days of this, helped but Hypericum 200. once and the 1-M twice. Still the pain would wake him and Lachesis 10 M helped twice. Meantime the eruption through all this had improved then began afresh at the original point on the wrist.Streptococcin 10 M then finished the case in short order. Had I been a routinist much trouble might have been saved, for Streptococcin has been said to cure impetigo!.

Chronic infections, melancholy



N.J. W., 22, tonsillectomy at 13; mastoid operation a year later, followed by a succession of lancings and sera. Sulphur in variouspotencies modified acute attacks for a year and a half. Cupressus semp. 6x and 30th was a relief after so much Sulphur, Merc. dulc. and viv. made progress forsix months. Then Streptococcin 200. , 6 doses during the year and one of 1M did more than all the others. Morbillinum carried on on for seven or eight months,when the patient thought no more treatment was needed. The reasons for giving Streptococcin were of course the relapses, history of suppressions, melancholy,general debility and loss of spirit especially. These have never relapsed asbefore.

Concretions causing bad taste in the mouth, vertigo, pain injoints



Mrs. P., 56, much diabetes in family history, also cancer.Obese, weight 220. Dental abscesses at 10, glycosuria at 18, colitis in twenties, tonsil concretions, pyelitis off and on several years, sunstroke. Was under the care of a homoeopath o she escaped the customary operations. During the first three years under my observation. Pulsatilla at long intervals seemed to do well most of the time, then it failed. Four months after the last 200th,she had a persistent debility, the concretions were much in evidence, and the bad taste after one popped our would last four or five days. During that period she would have a little dizziness and pain in the joints. Her head felt thickand dull. Had gas pressure and palpitation. Fears at night, craved air. The joint aches were relieved after a copious defecation, but followed by headache.Streptococcin 1M and 10M brought emphatic appreciation of improvement, then Sulphur became the cue to further progress. IX.

Eczema of the hands and wrists, cysts of the neck, uterus and ovaries



A part of a woman came in 1942 (Mrs. P., 47), that is, she was minus tonsils, some cysts that had formed on the back of the neck, the uterus, one ovary and some adhesions that had formed. History of gastric ulcer,mastitis with lancings, bronchopneumonia and much grippe. She had had eczema since fourteen with repeated suppressions; covering the hands and wrists; raw,cracked and bleeding. The laboratory diagnosed it as eczema although the eruption had a distinctly fungoid aspect. Graph. three doses, Sul. one, Sepiatwo doses, Petrol. one dose, Psor. one dose and Kali. mur. 6th and 12th, the seat intervals during eight years had pretty well cleared the skin and, ofcourse, the general health was much better. Then the eruption started all over again acutely, with red vesicles, "it felt good to scratch," lips also sore, dry and cracked in the corners. Streptococcin 10M and 50M, three months apart, and nine months later, Sul. 200. No symptoms the last seven months.

Vaccinosis, arthritis



Mrs. MacD., 49,m had a tight sensation in the head for whichshe had had a series of innoculations. Then a sudden attack of arthritis,lasting six weeks during which she consumed four hundred aspirin tables.Present history was that she gets attacks every few days, which come suddenly and severely, lasting two or three days. The foci are wandering, rather worse on the left side, with stiffness and swelling. The character of the pain is soreness, throbbing, piercing like a knife. The attacks always begin in the afternoon, are positively worse in damp weather, by change of weather, approach  of storm, relieved by heat. Heat waves accompany the onset of the attacks. She has cold feet. Streptococcin 10M checked the attacks for a month, then the symptoms were so pronounced for Psor. that I switched to that remedy. The 3M and 10M did good work. Then Sepia 1M. No attacks have appeared during the last year and a half.

Streptococcinreports (R. Hayes)

Read before the Bureau of Clinical Medicine.I.H. A. June22, 1951


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Thank you for sharing these cases.  A very good remedy for our times, in which many diseases have been suppressed.  Since Streptococcus itself is often "implicated" in many strong acute reactions which are commonly treated with antibiotics, it makes much sense that using a preparation of it would help return the body to the state of the former acute stage that was suppressed, and then allow it to complete its process appropriately.  As you have shown, often another remedy is required to complete the case once it has been "drawn back to the surface".  Excellent information!


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