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Dr. Charles Mohr, in a lecture in the Hahnemann Club Course at the Hahnemann College in Philadelphia, says that anisic acid has been found useful in acute articular rheumatism, and the drug possesses antipyretic and antiseptic properties.

Petroselinum in a tincture has a short pathogenesis, but the symptoms of the genito-urinary system are pronounced. Acute inflammation of the urethra and bladder, gonorrhoea, retention in children, who fairly dance with pain when the sudden urging to urinate comes, are the conditions cured by Petroselinum when the quoted symptoms have been present.

Apium graveolens has been found useful in excessive discharge from granulating ulcers, when constriction over sternum with drawing through to back on lying down were present.
In the umbelliferous plants whose active properties are due to fetid gum-resins, we find asafoetida, ammoniacum, and galbanum.

In the school of Hahnemann asafoetida has been proven, but is not often prescribed; not as often as it should be. Therapeutically, it has been used in the practice of homoeopathy in hysterical manifestations, in deficient lacteal secretion in nursing women, in tympanitic distention of the abdomen, in orbital neuralgia and iritis. Guernsey gives hyper-sensitiveness as one indicating symptom in all these cases, and Farrington lays stress on suppressed discharges as a cause of the distressing symptoms when asafoetida is to be used. It has been used successfully in treating syphilitic and scrofulous ulcerations, especially in the tibia.

  • Editor's Note: Common Names: Asafoetida root, devil's dung, food of the gods, hing, narthex Botanical Name: Ferula asafoetida
    Family: APIACEAE  or UMBELLIFERAE Carrot [Photo right]

Dr. Buchner has given a good proving of ammoniacum. It has increased secretions of the mucous membranes, especially of the eyes, throat, bronchi and intestines, together with disturbances of vision and violent pains in the muscles and joints, febrile symptoms with disposition to sweat also produced. Therapeutically it is principally used in pulmonary affections of old people, too feeble to raise mucous, and worse in cold weather. The pathogenesis suggests the probability of ammoniacum proving a useful remedy in rheumatism and gout, and perhaps appendicitis.

Galbanum partakes of the nature of the other gums, affecting the nervous system, like asafoetida, and the vascular system like ammoniacum. This gum resin should receive a proving, especially to determine its influence over the uterus and to note its effect on the locomotor system.
 Among the more poisonous of the umbelliferæ, Conium is spoken of as a drug of historic interest, as it was with it, political offenders were executed, and with it that Socrates was killed. In the description of his death by Plato, it is seen that Conium caused death by gradual asphyxia, the paralytic phenomina occurring from below upwards. Later experiments show that full doses put the motor centres to sleep. If the prover remain at rest, however, the effects are first observed in the eyes. These visual phenomena imply paralysis of the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves.

Conium has been used very effectively in the organic affections of lymphatic people, especially in children and old women; Adenitis: strumous opthalmia; vertigo of old people who use tobacco; cataract; deafness, with painful hearing, asthma; cancer of stomach or liver, diseased glands of the mesentery; paralysis of the bladder; uterine hemorrhage; dysmenorrhoea; cancer of the cervix and mammary tumors are among the diseased conditions that have been cured by Conium when the symptoms have indicated this medicine. - Hahnemannian Monthly.

Hahnemannian Advocate 1896.

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