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Paris Feb 22.

My friend C called me a few days ago, and offered to conduct me to a festival, which was to be held in honor of a celebrated German. In vain I guessed and inquired who it was; he would not gratify my curiosity; I stepped into the carriage without knowing where it was to conduct me. When we arrived at the Chaussee d’Antin he told me at last, “We go to Dr. Hahnemann; to-day (19th Feb) is the celebration of his 83rd birthday; you will here have an opportunity of correcting your opinion respecting the actual state of Homeopathy in Paris.” De Milan Street, where Hahnemann resides, was filled, as is usual at great soirees, to the right and left with private carriages and hackney-coaches.

“The father of Homoeopathy,” observed my friend, “has as you perceive a splendid residence;” we passed through a gate and court-yard, to a Hotel surrounded by a garden, occupied by Hahnemann alone; from here we entered a large saloon on the first floor, already crowded by the beau monde of Paris; in the middle of which stood a marble bust, ornamented with golden laurel crown and with the wreaths of the flowers of Cicuta, Belladonna and Digitalis.

“This,” said C.” is the bust of Hahnemann, and with this golden crown of laurel it has been ornamented to-day in the celebration of his Birth-day by his grateful disciple and friends.” On both ends of the crown, hanging over his shoulders, were engraved distinguished names from all countries of Europe and America. *

The bust is a work of David, who, himself a zealous adherent of Homoeopathy, was present at this festival. When C. introduced me to him, this unassuming and amiable artist, as well as a man of genius told me, that he knew and esteemed the Germans, that he had travelled in Germany several years ago, and that his attachment to them was much heightened by his personal intercourse : he deemed himself fortunate in having been to hand down to posterity the busts of two great Germans.

Whilst I conversed with David about Berne, whom he designated with emotion his dear friend, Hahnemann in the full vigor of health, looking more like 63 than 83 of age, entered the saloon upon the arm of his lady,( also much distinguished for her high intellectual powers), and warmly welcomed his guests. One of the first Homoeopathic physicians of Paris, Dr. Leon Simon now took the noble old gentleman by the hand and conducted him in front of the bust crowned with garlands, proclaiming to him in an animated speech immortality.

He was followed by French and Italian poets with poems, written for the occasion, after which German musical virtuosi like Kalkbrenner, Panofka, Hate delighted the company with their performances. (It must indeed have been a thrilling moment, comprehended perfectly only by those, who have deeply meditated on the incalculable benefits that posterity will derive from the greatest discovery of this age).

On our return C. said: “you have seen, how many Americans, Englishmen and Italians have attended this festival and what class of Frenchmen believes in Homoeopathy. Hahnemann realizes annually from his practice alone not less than 200,000 francs. You know now, where he resides; do me a favour and call tomorrow morning at his house, and you will see, how it stands with the faith in Hahnemann and his art.”

Arriving the following morning in Hahnemann`s Hotel I found the court-yard and stairs filled with poor persons, whom Hahnemann treats gratis, and in the anti-chambers I counted no less than 15 persons.

*Mr. Joly of Paris, well known by his successful treatment of the plague at Constantinople, has on passing lately through this city on his way to Canada, had the kindness to furnish us with some of the interesting details respecting the celebration, at which he was present, and also with the names inscribed on the laurel crown of the Hahnemann`s bust. Among them we find the following:

Autraigner, Arles Dufour, Arnaud, Bigel, Briouse (author of the poem dedicated to Hahnemann), Croserio, Davet, Deligny (President de la societe de l`instruction universelle et de l`emancipation intellectuelle), Count Des Guidi, Dessaix, Gernon, Joly, Juvin, Lafisse, Lafitte, Laville de la Plaigue, Lebourcher, Libert, Luther (author of an English treatise on Homoeoapthy), Molier (formerly physician to the springs of Luxemburg), Mouzin, Perrussel, Picard, Rapou, Rouge, Simon, Tisseire, Theuille of France; Belluo mini, Curie (editor of a Homoeopathic journal), Harris Dunsford, Lord Elgin, Everest, Leaf, Quin of London; Boenninghausen, Hering, Jahr & c of Germany and America; Biginelle, Chatron, Chio of Piemont; Korsakoff of Russia; Malaise, De Moor, Varleze of Belgium; Mure (editor of an Italian Homoeopathic journal) of Palermo; Sinibaldi of Rom; Peschier (editor of the “Bibliotheque homoeopathique”) of Geneva ; and Sipos of Hungary.

Transcribed by Dr. Dushyant Kamal Dhari
From “ Miscellanies on Homoepathy” edited by an Association of Homoeopathic Physicians.
Published by – W.L.J KIDERLEN & Co. 64 south fourth street, Philadelphia; 1839.

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Replies to This Discussion

Celebrating Hahnemann`s birthday on Feb 19. Strange ?

Great mans birthdays are celebrated at any convenient date nearer to the same is a custom.  

Can you explain why the date is not near the birthdate that we celebrate today?

No idea Debby.


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