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A six page article on Angina Pectoris by Leon Vannier published in JAIH, 1947 and republished in HG 1984. It has detailed differentiation of remedies.
Thanks for your nice comments. The Hahnemannian gleanings was a monthly journal published by HAPCO group of Calcutta. it has been long discontinued since 1984 and the publishers attributed the reason as "Lack of good quality articles". I have many of them with me and would share articles from it with you all.

I will be waiting for the same.

ANGINA PECTORIS -- Acon., Adren., Amyl, Arg. cy., Arg. n., Arn., Ars. iod., Ars., Aur. mur., Bism., Cact., Camph., Cereus, Chin. ars., Cim., Cocaine, Conv., Crat., Crot., Cupr. ac., Cupr. m., Dig., Diosc., Glon., Hæmatox., Hydroc. ac., Kali c., Kali iod., Kal., Latrod., Lil. t., Lith. c., Lob. infl., Mag. p., Magnol., Morph., Naja, Nat. iod., Nat. nit., Nux v., Oleand., Ox. ac., Phos., Phyt., Pip. nig., Prun. sp., Samb., Spart., Spig., Spong., Staph., Stront. c., Stront. iod., Tab., Thyr., Ver. v., Zinc. v.
Abuse of coffee, From -- Coff.
Abuse of stimulants, From -- Nux v., Spig.
Muscular origin, [From] -- Cupr., Hydroc. ac.
Organic heart disease [From] -- Ars. iod., Cact., Calc. fl., Crat., Kal., Nat. iod., Stront. iod., Tab.
Rheumatism [From] -- Cim., Lith. c.
Straining, overlifting [From] -- Arn., Carbo an., Caust.
Tobacco [From] -- Kal., Lil. t., Nux v., Spig., Staph., Tab.
Pseudo-angina pectoris -- Aconitine, Cact., Lil. t., Mosch., Nux v., Tar. h.
Præcordial oppression, anxiety, heaviness -- Acon., Adon. v., Adren., Æsc., Agar., Am. c., Amyl, Apis, Ars., Ars. iod., Aspar., Aur., Brom., Bry., Cact., Calc. ars., Calc. c., Camph., Carbo v., Cereus, Cim., Colch., Collins., Cotyled., Crat., Cupr., Dig., Diosc., Ferr., Glon., Hematox., Hydroc. ac., Iberis, Ign., Iod., Ipec., Kal., Lach., Latrod., Laur., Lil t., Lith. c., Lycop., Magnol., Menyanth., Naja, Nat. ars., Primula v., Puls., Sapon., Spig., Spong., Tab., Thea, Thyr., Vanad., Ver. v.
Down left shoulder, arm to fingers -- Acon., Arn., Asper., Bism., Cact., Cim., Crot., Kal., Latrod., Lepid., Naja, Ox. ac., Rhus t., Spig., Tab.
From apex to base -- Med.
From base to apex at night -- Syph.
From back to clavicle, shoulder -- Spig.
Lancinating, tearing -- Ars., Bell., Cact., Cereus, Cim., Colch., Daphne, Glon., Iberis, Kal., Latrod., Lil. t., Lith. c., Magnol., Menthol, Ox. ac., Pæonia, Phyt., Spig., Syph., Tab.
Stitching, cutting -- Abies n., Acon., Anac., Ars., Asclep. t., Bry., Cact., Can. ind., Caust., Cereus, Dig., Iberis, Kali c., Kali n., Lith. c., Naja, Spig.
Atheroma of arteries (arteriosclerosis) -- Adren., Am. iod., Am. vanad., Ant. ars., Arn., Ars., Ars. iod., Aur. iod., Aur., Aur. m. n., Bar. c., Bar. m., Cact., Calc. fl., Chin. s., Con., Crat., Ergotin, Glon., Iodothyr., Kali iod., Kali sal., Lach., Lith. c., Nat. iod., Phos., Plumb. iod., Plumb. m., Polygon. av., Sec., Stront. c., Stront. iod., Stroph., Sumb., Vanad.
Circulation, sluggish -- Æth., Calc. c., Calc. p., Carbo an., Carbo v., Cim., Cinnam., Ferr. p., Gels., Led., Nat. m., Rhus t., Sil.
Congestion of blood (local) -- Acon., Æsc., Ambra, Amyl, Aur., Bell., Cact., Calc. c., Centaur., Cupr. m., Ferr. m., Ferr. p., Gadus mor., Glon., Kali iod., Lil. t., Lonic., Meli., Millef., Phos., Sang., Sep., Sil., Spong., Stellar., Sul., Ver. v.

Thanks a lot for your additions Dr. Sarswat.

Asthmatic respiration in angina pectoris: Amyl nit.

PERSONAL CHAPTER - Coma - angina pectoris, in

Arn. Chim-m. Cimic.


Very nice work Dushyant!!


Thanks a lot Roger.


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