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What are experiences of treating grapes against peronospora - plasmopara viticolis? I've used several remedies last years (sil, sulph, kali-p, nat-s etc.) Now I'll try to use the nosode plasmopara viticolis in the new season, but perhaps there are homeopaths who have already found a good remedy?

Greetings, Wilma Huisman

photo credit:
Surface russeting on the fruit of muscadine grape, caused by powdery mildew

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Dear Wilma ~ I will provide some innovative research that I discovered, but first some general precautions for keeping the garden free of spores.

I imagine that as in any contagious disease 'isolating' the problem would be important. If you have just a few plants affected with a disease, remove as much of the damaged leaves and plants, and perhaps lift from the ground and put aside. This would be typical traditional treatment without homeopathy.

Many in agriculture even recommend destroying symptomatic plants. I imagine if the plant is thoroughly covered with mildew you may not have a choice.

Clean surrounding area and soil to remove the source of inoculum.

Do not compost material with the disease.

Physically pull, bag and get rid of affected plants that contain the spores.

If you have an entire field of plants, traditionally farmers use fungicide, we will look at dosing with homeopathic remedies or other natural methods.

It is also important to keep equipment and tools free from spores.

Remember that monoculture of plants opens them up to more easily spread disease.

Photo credit: Downy mildew sporulation on the underside of a cucumber leaf.

Dear Debby,

its not possible to keep a vinyard of 3 ha free from spores of pero. Some grapes are very sensitive for the problems caused by pero. Other grapevins have less problems, are more resistent. This has to do with heredity. 

Thank you for thinking with me. 

Greetings, Wilma

Go to the search box at Considera - Considera Search Box - and put in 'downy mildew'. 


Calc-p. Calcarea Phosphorica
Sal-ac. Salicylicum Acidum
Nat sal Natrum Salicylicum
BiP - M2 Biplantol mykos II
Bell. Belladonna

Dear Mark,

thank you for your reaction!


Dear Wilma ~ I finally finished writing the special blog in answer to your question.
I hope you enjoy this one.


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