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Hello, I want to share with you my experiences using homeopathy instead of pesticides for my garden. I have used it with the potato beetle (Doryphora decemlineata) and with a yellow worm that makes tunnels in the potatoes and totally damages them. The first year I planted potatoes (4 years ago) my harvest was completelly ruined due to these two pests. So I decided to try homeopathy as I did not want to introduce any pesticides in my new garden. At that moment I was just starting to study, I am afraid my remedies were made in a completelly unprofessional and wrong way, but... they worked miraculously!! I picked up some specimens, made 3x trituration as Hahnemann instructs (with powder sugar! for lack of anything more apropriate) and then I made 10K. I sprayed the potatoes with the worm remedy when I planted them and sprayed the plants with the beetle remedy. I have done this during the next three years and I haven't seen a potato beetle in my garden and my potatoes have no tunnels. The potatoes of my neighbours, on the other side of the fence are completelly full of beetles but not one comes to my plants. After three years watching this, the locals have asked me to spray their potatoes too, with my "water". They are getting very curious about homeopathy.

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DDT- safe?- Since when?
The stupidity of WHO regulations-

Based on the most recent information, WHO has no reason to change its current
recommendations on the safety of DDT for disease vector control. However,
WHO’s position on the safety and use of DDT will be revised if new information becomes available on the potential hazards of DDT justifying such..............................Huhh?
see entire pdf article writen by the WHO WHALE | DDT

DDT is strictly restricted by an international agreement known as the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

The Convention’s objective is to protect both human health and the environment from persistent organic pollutants.

DDT is one of 12 chemicals identified as a persistent organic pollutant that the Convention restricts. In May 2007, 147 countries were parties to the Convention.
The Convention has given an exemption for the production and public health use of DDT for indoor application to vector-borne diseases,

mainly because of the absence of equally effective and efficient alternatives. (WHAT ABOUT USING HOMEOPATHICS!)

This gets your blood boiling!
WHO actively supports
the promotion of chemical safety1 and, together with the United Nations
Environment Programme, shares a common commitment to the global........................bla bla bla
Monsanto began manufacturing DDT
in 1944, along with some 15 other companies. DDT became the most widely
applied chemical in human history, and its commercial success led to a
massive increase in the production and use of chemical insecticides of
all types. Revenues from insecticide production in the U.S. rose from
$10 million in 1940 to $100 million in 1950 to over $1 billion today.

Well, that was to be expected - they indeed all sleep in the same family bed.
That said, I shall start a thread on some other aspects of the Monsanto Mafia. Be prepared for shocking stuff.

I cant wait,Bring it on Kaviraj!

Irene - have you any more experiences since 2009?



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