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Hello, I want to share with you my experiences using homeopathy instead of pesticides for my garden. I have used it with the potato beetle (Doryphora decemlineata) and with a yellow worm that makes tunnels in the potatoes and totally damages them. The first year I planted potatoes (4 years ago) my harvest was completelly ruined due to these two pests. So I decided to try homeopathy as I did not want to introduce any pesticides in my new garden. At that moment I was just starting to study, I am afraid my remedies were made in a completelly unprofessional and wrong way, but... they worked miraculously!! I picked up some specimens, made 3x trituration as Hahnemann instructs (with powder sugar! for lack of anything more apropriate) and then I made 10K. I sprayed the potatoes with the worm remedy when I planted them and sprayed the plants with the beetle remedy. I have done this during the next three years and I haven't seen a potato beetle in my garden and my potatoes have no tunnels. The potatoes of my neighbours, on the other side of the fence are completelly full of beetles but not one comes to my plants. After three years watching this, the locals have asked me to spray their potatoes too, with my "water". They are getting very curious about homeopathy.

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Wonderful information. Please tell us more about organic gardening and homeopathy.
Very interesting. What was the remedy you used? I used staphysagria to rid my plants of green fly and it also worked! 30c in water sprayed onto the plants seemed to do the trick!
I made a remedy of potato beetle and another remedy of the yellow worm (sorry don't know the name). I made the remedies myself in the way I describe, it works very well. This summer I am going to try other pests (aphids and ants). People of the village have asked me to try to make a remedy for slugs, but I can't make myself triturate a slug, so disgusting!!! What do you think this is? A kind of Homeoprofilaxis?
Dear Irene
Hi .Well done .I 've always loved platnts and agriculture .Congradulations to you for your fearless act .You proved homeopathy to be helpful in this field .I heard that Dr.Masud Naseri has had very good results in agriculture ,too .He is one of the famous Iranian Homeopaths in the world .
Good Luck ,Noori
Hello everybody!!!
This is SO interesting!!! By boss at the Labo Solidago is looking to do something in that way but with great cultures, fungal deseases that ruin the crops, I'm very happy to know that the results you have are so great!!!! I will surely try all that on my gardens this summer!!
Have a good day all!!!
Annie Boudreau
Hi Annie,
I have thought for some time about making a remedy for fungal disease of the tomatoes. One problem is how to extract the fungi from the plant? I suppose in a company you will have a laboratory but at home it's a bit difficult. Also I don't know if this method works with funghi but if you would make some trials I would be extremely interested to receive some information about it.
Have a nice day you too!! Here we are already going to sleep
You may be able to find another remedy for the fungus rather than potentizing the fungus itself. I cured an apple tree of powdery mildew with potentized lactic acid.

The Considera database ( is a good source for ideas on what remedies might work.
How might one contact Dr Naseri? Does he speak English?
Irene: In Kaviraj's book "Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden", he says Helix Tosta is a specific for slugs. Why don't you try using that?
Dear Maureen, thank you so much for the tips! I will be travelling to London later this month and will try to get the book of Kaviraj. I would very much like to get rid of the pests using remedies, the similium, instead of making my own from the pest itself (I think that is more a kind of Isopathy) but how to translate plant symptoms into current repertories I yet dont know. I am very excited about this book you recommended. Surely I will try Helix tosta too. Now its too early in the season for slugs but as soon as they appear I'll try it. If it works here in my area then homeopathy is going to get many new fans because slugs are a real big problem here. Thanks again and have a nice day,
Hi all,

This remedy got up the hackles of a Monsanto subsidiary in Australia, when i introduced it. Be careful, they do not hesitate to use the lowest of tactics to stop you, once it becomes popular! Homoeopathy for plants is certainly going to get them worried, once it takes off and they will try anything to stop it. I do not want you to be afraid, but be prepared for all eventualities. See for reference Hpathy Dec 2008 ezine, "Interview with Kaviraj."

Hi Martin,
This is very interesting. How did you arrive to the remedy? Based on what did you select Staphysagria. I am very interested to know. I think Homeopathy works on plants just as well as on humans and animals. But, of course, almost no symptoms. So some way has to be found to select the remedies.


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