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To give a little explanation to those unfamilar with Aquaponics:  Aquaponics is the combining of aquaculture and hydroponics.  Essentially man has taken and seperated the "eco system" and created two different methods anc commercialized it.  Aquaponics combines them back together again.  It is not as popular as the others but many of us feel it is one of the solutions in the future of our food.  We take a fish tank (50-1500 gallons depending on the set up) pump the water up onto plant beds (same gallon capacity with either floating on water (rafts) or in some type of medium (such as gravel or hydroton) and the water runs through the plants and then flows back into the fishtank.  It is an amazing system that doesn't need any fertilizers, chemicals, etc...BUT there are instances of pests for the plants that do arise and occassionally you will get a sick fish (many will use a salt water tank treatment)  Many of us have tried finding methods to deal with aphids, spider mites and scale that does not kill our fish (oils/soaps, etc will get in their gills).  My thought was to turn to homeopathics for treatment.  The issue lies in that the water in the system is self contained and flows through to the fish and plants.  But in the same sense I feel like if the fish were healthy and producing what they should and vice versa with the plants the needs for adding anything would not be necessary and we would not have the pest issues.


I know most of the discussion with plant treatment deals with soil and there is not the combination of both animals and plants in a singular system.  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Interesting discussion. Others may know more. I can think of Sulphur for fungus on the fish gills; and carbo veg for lack of oxygen.


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