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I have been trying to use homeopathy in plants and I think I had one success with citrus white flies in my front lane (in a seedles lemon bush), but now I have a bigger problem. Caterpillars arrived and infested my garden; here are some images of them:


This is a general image of a prune tree, who is the most afected. Note the Little White spots in the branches.


This is a close up of one of those buggers.

Now a branch general state after spraying Sambucus nigra 6X. I don't know if it's working or if they just moved to another tree,  but I belive it's the second option because they went to the rosebush where I captured them.

This is a very bad photo of a flower. I know that flowering now in Mexico is not a very nice sign.

This is a close-up of a group of open cocoons with larval exoskeletons.


I believe that there is not Bombyx available in Mexico, and I don't like the idea of preparing this one myself, unless that you think that it is the convenient move.


Please give me a Little advice. Oh! By the way, I've already bought Kaviraj's book ( believe you already noticed it). I am not sure of the potencies I am using, and also if I will have to prepare a remedy from this freworms (Got plenty, hahahahaha)


Greetings from Mexico,


Nacho Cabrera


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Dear Ignacio -- Funny you mention fire ants. For the very first time yesterday, my husband was bite all over his leg by fire ants in the garden. And, I never had fruit flies so much either.

Well, no. I refer to caterpillars. In Spanish we call them "Azotadores" (scourgers). Now I fear we will soon have a fire ant problem, because we are getting lots of ants (the tiny ones), but lately I have been finding large ones in the kitchen. I don't want to use insecticides because our dog lives in the garden.


Greetings from Mexico Debby!

Kaviraj has reportedYou can use Sambucus Nigra for spraying where there are caterpillars if Bombyx doesn’t do the trick. You are doing what he said. Let us know any results. 

azotadores, flannel moth, Megalopyge Opercularis, pussy moth, tree asp. The caterpillar of the puss moth, Megalopyge opercularis, also commonly known as the asp caterpillar, is one of the most toxic caterpillars in North America. It is endemic to the southwestern United States and Central America, where it is common, and often found on shade trees such as oaks, elms, maple and citrus, or on small bushes. The 2.5-4 cm long caterpillar is covered with silky yellow, grey, red, or mixed color hairs (setae). Although the caterpillar’s appearance is soft and almost like a small furry cat (possibly inspiring its common name, puss caterpillar) its thick setae hide ridges of short, hollow spines connected to poison glands. When touched, these spines penetrate the skin, injecting poison which causes intense pain, nausea, vomiting, headache and sometimes respiratory distress and stings may require medical attention. Recent molts may also cause a sting. Instead of the usual five prolegs of most caterpillars, those within the flannel moth family (Megalopygidae) have seven. The adult moth, called the Southern flannel moth, is also unusually fuzzy in appearance, with and orange thorax and orange at the base of its blunt yellow wings, a 2.5-4 cm wingspan, and little black furry feet.

(Lyon; Eagleman 2008; Hyche 1998Wikipedia 2011Encyclopedia

Hi Debie,

I am not sure if I am doing the correct thing, or let´s say  better, not doing it correctly. I do not see very good results, and my fear is that the poetncy is not correct or something like it. 6X worked great for Silicea and my lemmon tree, but that's all my experience with plant homeopathy. Have you any suggestions?


Greetings from Mexico.


Nacho Cabrera


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