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Barclays Bank are offering some very appetising prizes for good business ideas that could use a financial 'leg up'. I have submitted the Considera project for the competition. I have written here previously about one arm of the Considera project which is the open collaboration and compilation of the effects of potentised preparations on plants, soils and composts -- in the form of a repertory and materia medica which can be found at However, I have submitted the other arm of the project into the competition. It came about when it became clear that people were interested in obtaining some of the preparations for their own farms and gardens but did not know where to get them. So I put together the e-commerce shop at mainly as a way to enable people to join in the 'democratic research'. It ticks over a very low turnover, but I think that it has potential for much greater turnover and efficacy - in different languages, greater publicity etc etc etc.

So this has been accepted into the competition - Considera Limited: a small business providing potentised preparations for gardens and farms.

The way the competition works is that people vote for it if they would like to see it succeed. The most votes makes a winner. So if you and all the friends you might like to contact were to go to and 'back this idea' in the top right hand corner perhaps we can assist this project to flourish.


Mark Moodie

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Good on you Mark. Hope it goes well for you.
Kind regards

Martin Byrne

Please help one of our very own Homeopathy World Community Members.
Help preserve the earth, our environment and our agriculture.

Mark publishes books by agrohomeopaths like Kaviraj.

Please visit our Agrohomeopathy Group to post your plant news, questions on gardening and suggestions, success stories and comments.

Most importantly, help Mark Moodie receive the needed funds to get his project off the ground and into the air! Click the Links above to learn more and to VOTE TODAY! Tell all your friends.


Hi Mark,
Good luck with your project. The Considera webpage is great and you already have quite some fans here in Slovakia where permaculture is quite popular and there is keen interest in the possibilities of Agro-homeopathy. My vote is for you.
Thanks Irene. I greatly appreciate it.
I forgot to update you all - I didn't manage to win this. But I really appreciate your work to support the attempt. I missed the deadline to submit my two minute video to the competition but did make one soon after and you can see it here
- .

Thanks again


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