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Nature | Field trials of wheat, rice, maize and soybeans showed that higher CO2 levels significantly reduced the levels of the essential nutrients iron and zinc, as well as cutting protein levels.

The impact on human health resulting from the drop in the level of protein is less clear than for the zinc and iron loss. Myers said the resulting increase in carbohydrate in the crops could increase the rate of metabolic syndrome, the diabetes, heart disease and stroke that currently afflicts many in developed countries due to high levels of obesity. But Myers said obesity is not necessary for the risk of metabolic syndrome to rise. "It is something to do with the switch of foods itself."

The big concern is that reductions in zinc, iron, or protein in crops could exacerbate global malnourishment. Two billion people already suffer iron and zinc deficiencies around the world. About 2.4 billion people currently get at least 60% of their zinc and iron from these staples and it is over 75% in Bangladesh, Iraq and Algeria.

Higher CO2 levels induce higher levels of plant diseases and insect infestations, even though these level may increase yield.

April 2014 saw the first month for millions of years in which the CO2 level was greater than 400pm every day: before the industrial revolution started the large-scale burning of fossil fuels the level of CO2 in the atmosphere was 280ppm.

How many decades have our environmental advocates, naturopaths and integrative healers been telling us that our soils are depleted from industrial fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, mono cropping, etc. Well, now we have another major factor and actual PROOF that our food crops are depleted of important elements, nutrients and proteins, which are most vital to vegans and vegetarians. 

Do you feel that homeopathic cell salts might remedy the problem of depleted nutrients in humans?

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