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There will be a gathering of agrohomeopaths later this year in the UK. Details are here

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Mark, what month are we talking about?
Beginning October.
October 7-9, South West England at the moment. It's not the best time for the Southern hemisphere so I'm waiting to hear back if this will suit. It's hard to organise one of these things to suit all! Like getting frogs into a shoe box.

Mark, how about a jar full of water? More attractive perhaps?

Perhaps, but not so able to leap away just when you think you have the box ready and full.

what about herding cats?!!;) October sounds good to far. Kavi, got the book and really enjoying it.



Herding cats, well, if you see some newspaper articles about old women who have 100 cats in the house, it is easier than frogs, I would say. LOL.

Glad you enjoy the book.
What about 2012 early spring? Spring is good from many aspects.

The date is now set Victor. (October 7-9th 2011) I hope you can make it.

.... and there is the opportunity to attend on the computer - see here . Still room for physical attendance otherwise. And if there's any 'experts' who want to give a talk get in touch!
Mark, if you like i can give 2 talks. One on the successes I have seen so far - with photographic evidence - and another on how to spread this more quickly.


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