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Liberate yourself from the grip of tobacco and other addictions. Patients suffering from virtually every kind of addiction, and homeopathy has been very effective.
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tobacco addiction
a few brief descriptions of three common homeopathic remedies which may be helpful for some people in their efforts to overcome their addictions to tobacco:

Tabacum (Nicotiana tabacum): Tabacum works on the nerves and the heart. The people who benefit from tabacum may suffer from vomiting, profuse sweating, constriction of the muscles, cramps, paralysis, and a kind of a shuffling gait when they walk. One of the big things tabacum can be used for is dizziness, especially excessive vertigo with a kind of cold sweat. And, of course, there is a craving for tobacco.
This remedy I have used most of all for Tobacco addiction,The problem i seem to find is that the patient gets addicted to the remedies and keeps asking for more.

Nicotinum: Nicotinum can be used to ease the craving for nicotine. It may help symptoms such as "brain fog," (when you wake up and your mind just feels like you're in a fog,) collapsing, sea sickness, spasms, extreme sensitivity to light, faintness in the stomach, and nausea.

Wild Oats (Avena saliva): The related symptoms include sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, weakness, chronic insomnia, drug addictions of any kind, including alcohol, morphine, cocaine, and cigarettes. Insomnia, in particular, often originates from either smoking cigarettes or using intoxicants.

Of course, there are many other remedies which may be helpful, including Nux vomica, Arsenica album, and Ipecac -- to name a few,many not listed here.
What it comes down to is the patients constitutional remedy an overall imbalance encompasing that addictive persona.
There are remedies to combat nicotine addiction namely:
Caladium which makes cigarettes taste disgusting in many people
and Tabacum amongst other.
The Herb "LOBELLIA" does the same.

Somewhere results for a recipe for potenising the smoke from the cigarrettes that you use which is also meant to work.
This I have NOT tried on anyone yet.
Any replies?
Narcotics generally palliate the symptoms they produce. This rule is so universal that it might almost be considered a law.

If the symptoms are palliated or promptly relieved by smoking a cigar or chewing tobacco, it is proof positive that they are to be attributed to the drug.

The coffee or tea headache, neuralgia or nervousness are promptly relieved by a cup of coffee or tea. And so of all the rest. In my practice I have for many years found the potentized drug to be not only the best antidote for chronic tobacco poisoning, but very often one of the curative remedies.
Furthermore, as in cases where patients are suffering from drug effects of Opium, the potentized remedy will act promptly either as the antidote or curative, even though the patient be saturated with the crude drug. As tobacco affects no two persons in exactly the same manner, it necessarily follows that there is no universal antidote for the constitutional effects of the drug, the symptoms must be antidoted as met with in each individual case by the simillimum.

Tabacum 200 (Dunham), 500 to 1000 (B. & T.) is the remedy I most frequently use with which to begin the treatment of the chronic effects of tobacco ; and usually with the most happy results. But it must not be repeated too frequently.
The constitutional remedy is where its at, of course. I've had one case of success helping someone quit smoking with Arnica! She has sinus problems that required daily meds and an annual bronchitis plus sleep issues. The arnica helped both of those completely but funnily enough, her back pain persisted.


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