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Do you know about the provings of AIDS Nosodes? I have developed this medicine in LM Potency method. There are some proving symptoms also. I will inform all later on. Any one can inform me about this.

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Hi Dr. Choudhury,

You're in luck! The AIDS nosode was proved by Misha Norland of The School of Homoeopathy in 1994, and the proving published in 1999.

Better yet, the excellent full proving, along with cases, materia medica, and repertory, is freely available online.

Here is a summary of the major themes:

Core / Essence:
- "I felt that I had lost my wall and my shell, and there was a free flow of emotions both in and out. I was exposed, almost naked, with no control."
- "... uninterrupted flow between self and group." vs. "... does not belong." "... felt excluded, lied to."

- Estrangement.
- Feeling rejected; outcast.
- Feeling betrayed.
- Feeling contaminated and fear of contaminating others; always washing.
- Responsibility for others. Responsibility for children.
- Self loathing.
- Left-sidedness.

Dream Themes:
(Bracketed numerals refer to number of provers who had these dream themes.)
- Huge houses, vast rooms, small outside, huge within. (8)
- Houses or things richly ornate, jewelled, gold, beautiful interiors, colours stunning and rich. (8)
- Big, grand houses, ornate, ramshackle or both. (8)
- Staircases and corridors. (6)
- Wood, metal, water. (5. 3. 3.)
- Colour: red. (5)
- Violence. Panic. (6)
- Responsibility. (4)
- Anger - irritability. (3)
- Fear. (6)
- Teeth. (3)
- Snow. (3)
- Septic state. (2)
- Children. (5)
- Transport, travelling, buses, cars, trains, airports, bus station, train station. (6)
- Lots of people - being busy - rushing about. (5)

At the risk of overstating the obvious, note that the breakdown of the immune system which characterizes the AIDS pathology is simply a reflection of the above essence (loss of protection / shell / wall) on the physical plane.



I read the proving and was very very interesting.

You have any case of AIDS?, please share with us to understand it's clinical application.

Thanks in advance...


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