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My Dear Colleagues
Do you think we can practice Homeopathy without the complete consideration of the 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine?
Sincerely Yours, Sadeghi

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No, you can practice something else but not homepathy if you don`t practice like it is written in ther "Organon"! Hahnemann said: "Machts nach, aber machts genau nach" in english: "Do it the same way but do it excactly the same way!" So follow mr. Hahnemann.
My Dear Colleague
Hi and thanks a lot for your nicely written comment both in German and English .You're completely right .
Good Luck ,Noori
Dear Astrid,

Thanks for your confidant message as our Master Dr Hahnemann once said.

"Homeopathy will never fail, if practiced according to the principles given by me in the Organon of Medicine, but you may fail, if you are not following my principles and neglecting the proper homeopathic procedures, which are based on true natural method of treatment and are the results of many experiments and experienced drawn from the same, after many years of research and tests."

With best wishes,

Dr Shashi Mohan Sharma
Hahnemann College of Homeopathy
Crown House,
London NW10 7PN-UK

Dear Friends,
It is impossible to practice homoeopathy without a strong base in organon.
For more clear understanding of organon, I may suggest two books of the Author Dr.Luc De Schepper. An excellent clear base work for organon.
1. Hahnemann Revisited
2.Achieving and maintaining the similimum.

thank you.

No, U can never practice Homoeopathy without Organon of Medicine. This is the basic philosophy to practice Homoeopathy. And there is no complete or incomplete consideration for it. As Astrid Gunther has noted, Hahnemann has asked to "Imitate me but imitate me well". So each and every word in Oraganon counts.
It would be impossible, unless you consider the 5th edition. That said, the 6th edition is so full of new insights that it would be shameful to not consider it.
Hahnemann is to me the true Father of Medicine. He did more for medicine than anyone before or after him. He tested 99 medicines on himself and i have yet to see anyone equal that feat. He was the greatest of scientists and medical men of all time and was empowered by God to do so.

The history of medicine has four epochal people.
Hippocrates wrote about the principles.
Galen was the distributor.
Paracelsus was the assailer
Hahnemann was the experimenter.
He gave us the greatest gift of all, for he finally made medicine scientific.
Practising homeopathy without Organon is like ... speaking words without the grammar.
You would make some sense but not comprehensible.



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