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Post information about the legalities of practice in your location around the world. Law-Legal-License

20 Nov 2, 2013
Reply by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

WHAW: World-Homeopathy-Awareness-Week

WHAW: Homeopathy World Awareness Week Activities and Conversations

9 Apr 12
Reply by Dr. V. Krishnaamurthy


How the political environment effects Complementary-Alternative-Medicine [CAM] and health care in general.

55 Jul 1, 2014
Reply by Debby Bruck

Health and Medical Science News

This category is for news dealing with the Health and Medical Sciences.

111 Apr 15, 2017
Reply by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan

Hair Transmission Cured Cases & Discussion

Hair Transmission is a new innovation of some homeopathic practitioners. We learn about this practice through their discussions, presentations & cured cases without judgment.

7 Jan 14, 2013
Reply by Dr Sergey Pugach, PhD; BCNP


Orthomolecular medicine, or megavitamin therapy, is a form of complementary and alternative medicine that seeks to prevent or treat diseases with nutrients prescribed as dietary supplements or derived from diets

0 No activity yet


Please visit CAM Group for Reference Links to Herbs & Supplements. Do you recommend particular herbs, supplements and other nutritionals along with your homeopathics? Are some incompatible to homeopathy?

10 May 5, 2012
Reply by Hani Abdel Kader

Homeopathy Tip Of The Day

Homeopathy Tip Of The Day will be a group activity learning from each other

47 Feb 26, 2017
Reply by Md Ashaduzzaman

Let's Talk: Inspiration-for-Our-Future

Providing Topics of Discussion Motivating Our Community to Move Forward in Our Development

54 Feb 25, 2016
Reply by Dr Bajwa


How Does Homeopathy Work? What are your theories?

51 Apr 10, 2015
What is DYNAMIS in context of present scinario
by Dr. Harishchandra Shukla

Adjunctive-Therapy & Isopathy

Post therapy used in conjunction with homeopathy here.

4 Dec 21, 2013
Reply by Regina Rianelli


Writings of our stalwart homeopaths. History teaches many lessons.

23 Mar 9, 2017
Reply by Franc Müller


Homeopathic Hospitals around the world. History, photos, current events and more.

4 Feb 10, 2010
Reply by Jeff Van Riper

In-Memory- of . . .In-Memorial

This category is to post news and information about recently deceased homeopathic colleagues. Please enter information here to inform the community.

18 Mar 20
Reply by Kavitha Kukunoor


Creating a system where Homeopathy is covered under Health Insurance Policies is on on-going issue. Discuss here.

3 Oct 13, 2009
Reply by Dr. Nisanth Nambison MD

Homeopathic-Colleges & Institutions-of-Study

A place to list College, University, and Institutions of degree certification for homeopathy.

9 Jun 5, 2011
Reply by Madeleine Innocent


A place to discuss theory, theoretical ideas, philosophy and more.

129 Jan 15, 2017
A controversial discussion about the status quo of Hahnemann's - Organon of Medicine
by Dr. Harishchandra Shukla


History of homeopathy. Personal experience and archival information.

14 Sep 19, 2015
Original manuscript of sixth edition of ORGANON
by Dr. Wequar Ali Khan

News-Media: The Guardian, BBC, NY-Times

Let's set the record straight. News media are fed information from drug cartels and skeptics without using a balanced, unbiased approach to homeopathy.

29 Apr 3, 2016
Switzerland Recognizes Homeopathy as Legitimate Medicine
by Peter Mt.Shasta


Immunization. Thoughts and practices. How do we handle the ever increasing vaccination/vaccinations today?

40 Apr 12
Mandatory Measles Vaccine ordered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
by Ursula Dobelmann


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