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Zingiber or our daily use spice Ginger,is a daily use item in our culinary work.It has been used as herbal medicine by Hakims for stomach ailments.Used in preparations of Asian food, its tea is very popular during winter, however it is not much used as Homeopathic medicine.

Materia medica of various authors,from Boericke, Clark, Phatak, and Robin Murphy have a lot to say about it.I am quoting from Boericke and Clarke only.

Similia for Windows '95.(BOERICKE)

Taste of food remains long, especially of bread and toast.
Feels heavy, like from a stone.
Complaints from eating melons and drinking impure water.
Acidity. [Calc.; Robinia.]
Heaviness in stomach on awakening with wind and rumbling, great thirst
and emptiness.
Pain from pit to under sternum, worse eating.

Colic, diarrhoea, extremely loose bowels.
Diarrhoea from drinking bad water, with much flatulence, cutting pain,
relaxation of sphincter.
Hot, sore, painful anus during pregnancy.
Chronic intestinal catarrh.
Anus red and inflamed.
Haemorrhoids hot, painful, sore. [Aloe.]

Similia for Windows '95.(Clarke)

Belching and diarrhoea.
Nausea; vomiting of mucus in drunkards.
Acidity of stomach.
Weak digestion, stomach heavy, like a stone.

Stitches in spleen.
Unbearable sore pain on a small place in right side of abdomen.
Contractive pain passes through abdomen while standing; soon after desire for
Sharp pain in left iliac region.
Great flatulency; in gouty persons.

I am not going into other phases where its various symptoms are also given.I would like to know if Zingiber as a homeopathic medicine in Mother Tincture in particular and potency in general can be utilized for disinfection of drinking water in places where water is suspected to be bad and cause stomach problem.If it can be used then it may prove a boon in villages and shanty towns of cities where pure drinking water is a luxury.

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Zingiber possesses anti-oxidant properties and may be added to edible oils and fats to protect them from against oxidative rancidity. It also has properties of being a disinfectant and considering this it can be used for this purpose.
Thank you Dr Dushyant,for your informative comments.Let's see if more comments follow.
Dr Wequar Ali Khan sb
A O A ,you can use idium Mother Tincture to purified the contaminated water by using 3 to 5 drops in jug of water. Zingiber also can use but this is not proper way to disinfectant the contaminatsd water. thanks
Dr Bajwa "Walai kum as salam"; Thank you very much for this valuable information.We now can have a Homeopathic intervention to improve our drinking water,specially where water is available in contaminated form.If we can bring about awareness in our shanty towns and villages through their elders and such person as school teachers and govt health providers specially women,i think we can make a difference for bettering their health as far as waterborne diseases are concerned.That too at very nominal price;


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