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20 million Americans practice yoga, according to the 2012 Yoga in America study published by the Yoga Journal. That’s a 29 percent increase from the previous study, conducted in 2008.


July 2012 Acute Effects of Yoga on Executive Function |  Ross and Thomas reviewed studies comparing the effects of yoga, a mind-body based exercise; and aerobic exercise and concluded that in both healthy and diseased populations yoga may be as effective, or better than, aerobic exercise at improving a variety of health-related outcome measures. 


Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enlisted 30 subjects to take tests of working memory and inhibitory control, two measures of brain function associated with the ability to focus, retain, and use new information, the researchers said.

Subjects who took a single, 20-minute yoga session were significantly faster and more accurate on their tests than subjects who walked or jogged on a treadmill for 20 minutes. 


A separate study published last month finds that twice-weekly yoga sessions can reduce high blood pressure.



Thank you to Nira Andharia for this film: SUPERBRAIN YOGA 

Just three-minutes a day to improve your brain power.
We know that Exercise of all forms helps the blood flow, improve flexibility, stamina, muscle strength and memory. Now, we learn about Yoga specifically for brain health and improvement. Not just to maintain the brain functions, but actually to increase brain power.
Superbrain Yoga as seen on CBS2- Los Angeles, USA.

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Yoga has much more potential then just improving flexibility and blood circulation.
It has potential to reduce blood sugar, improve functions of all internal organs, impove nerve power and many more. It is exactly like Homeopathy where convetional doctors stop thinking Yoga starts working!
This is true. There are particular postures that affect different meridians, chakras, organ systems. Some positions are excellent for diabetes, or heart disease, arthritis, etc. The breathing exercises excellent for asthma, focus and attention. Select set good for eyesight.
Our diseases are mainly caused by genetic hereditical problems,where only homeopathy can only reach. This point should be taken into consideration in judging all other aspects of healing art.

Dear Dr. Rashid,
You have precisely articulated. If you have carefully read my inscriptions and sincerely understood the causes of entire range of the diseases, you might have certainly got the facts concerning origin and evolution of the diseases. Now, probably you might have become familiar enough with the facts that the besides few other trifle causes of the disease, like that of accidental or occupational hazards, usually diseases evolve due to abnormalities in the genetic material of entity. In fact, it contains 20-25000 genes, three billion chemical base pairs, some MicroRNAs and several free radicals. Any kind of mutation in these constituents of life causes to have corresponding type of disease/s. Usually two types of genetic mutations found in the genetic material of entity, namely, single gene mutations and polygenetic mutations; which are also known as mendalian and multifactorial disorders respectively. In all the disorders with polygenetic inheritance or origin, the threshold point determines the apparent demonstration of the morbid phenomenal expressions of the disease. Indeed, it means that, the expressions of multifactorial disorders rely onto the two factors. Namely:
1. Number of the mutant genes involved in the diseasing process.
2. Intensity of the adverse environmental factors.
For this reason only, in order to abstain morbid expressions of the disease from being evident or severity thereof, and/or entirely abortion of the disease expressions for itself, the inclusion of certain modifications in our lifestyle is necessary. Since, it has been proved useful help in quelling down such conditions. The Indian Yog (not yoga; because yoga is a tiring task; if, Aasnas are performed alone; as it is usually presumed that the yoga involves only Aasnas; whereas, comprehensive yog, along with all its eight parts, is retiring one) is one of them. In cooperation with restricted diet, it is capable of quelling down and/or completely aborting the morbid phenomenal expressions of all the multifactorial disorders. Because, hereby, we capably diminishes the interior hazards or hazardous environmental factors, which cause to have elevation in threshold point and, of course, cause to have emergence of all the disease expressions in itself.
The yog enhances the Intelligence Quotient IQ, Emotional Quotient EQ and Spiritual Quotient SQ of the yogi and accelerates to the optimism and positivism in his life. Indeed, it improves the quality and quantity of the expressions of ‘life energy’, by improving the growth of grey matter of nervous system and extremely evolved sentient tools of the human being; that is, higher faculties of life. It comes true only because of the emergence of purity in thoughts and emotions of entity that directly affects the DNA; and that, it is being very positive in its nature, this positivity affects the entity. This art endows upon a yogi with the highly evolved faculties of the brain. In order that, with the health of mind and body and power of the creativity and intellectuality, during the course of deep transcendental meditation (an utmost peak situation of the yogi, which is extremely desired during the course of actual Indian yog), he do easily realizes and recognizes the so many impossible looking mysterious arts effectively; of course, the naño energy governed greatly evolved power of the divination as well. Now, it has been experimentally proved and confirmed by the scientists that, certainly it has propensity to enhance and/or power to produce some of the peculiar secretions in its practitioners, particularly, the endocrinal micro-secretions. This ultimately inspires the yogi and carries him into the deep transcendental tranquility. Whereupon, secret mental powers [hidden potential of the entity i.e. more than 96% of the total energy of cosmos, which is imperceptible to the common human beings (see also chapter no. 03 of the appendix)] dynamically offer us an amazing health and keys to open up a lot of many other unimaginable superiorities in Yogi. Actually, with the positive thoughts and emotions, during the course of deep transcendental meditation, the ‘Gamma rays’ emits in the brain of yogi (experimentally confirmed fact); which all together operates according to its attributes and nature. Hereby, an ultimate sterile state of affairs is produced in the person of Yogi; namely, a condition of extreme ease. Therefore, morbid expressions of the polygenetic origin unquestionably disappear rapidly with its regular practice. Moreover, that, indeed, it certainly has the propensity and/or power of dwindling expressions that are caused due to single gene mutations. Let’s follow it to develop an extrasensory perception ESP (Atiendriya gyan). It takes us in to a hyper-space HS. A new dimension beyond our physical body; wherefrom, we will be able to eject our astral body; only then we can realize with ease the each and every attribute and phenomenon of ‘life energy’. On the hand, an opposite state of affairs is also possible; if targeted to do so; which is presently known as psychosomatic disorder and, of course, coming out now, due to extreme mental stress and agony caused due to currant stressful lifestyle. Dr. Hahnemann was also agreed with this fact, and so, he inscribed in the aphorism § 225 of the 6th edition of Organon that: “There are, however, as has just been stated, certainly a few emotional diseases which have not merely been developed into that form out of corporeal diseases, but which, in an inverse manner, the body being but slightly indisposed, originate and are kept up by emotional causes, such as continued anxiety, worry, vexation, wrongs and the frequent occurrence of great fear and fright. This kind of emotional diseases in time destroys the corporeal health, often to a great degree.” It’s similar to that of positive prayer, which plays an extremely inhibitory role in all the disorders, if done together with medicinal treatment, especially, in the diseases with polygenetic origin.

Yoga is the only exercise which takes care of our body mind and soul. It incorporates meditation, deep breathing, and of course the different postures which exercise our internal organs and rejuvenates them. A combination of Yoga and homeopathy in our daily life, with emphasis on diet and food, can bring about a quantum change in quality of life that we lead. What it requires is your own will.


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