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Yes....It is true....I have Adopted a New Baby....Named "Agrohomeopathy"

For those of you who might have had the opportunity to read and respond to one of my first blogs on HWC entitled "The Use of Music with Homeopathic Treatment". It expressed an idea I had pondered to research for my thesis study. There were many replies and comments that I so greatly appreciated.
Although, for those who know me and my often "out of the box" way of thinking, I have been once again intrigued and left excited about an outstanding and ingenious idea that I have now adopted as; not only my new thesis idea, but as a personal interest to help promote and bring to fruitition.
After being introduced to it by Vaikunthanath dad Kaviraj, the brilliance behind the method and after our many talks about the subject, it took me but a minute to realize how important and remarkably smart Agrohomeopathy is for our health, the health of our families and friends, the health of our soils and plants giving rise to our food.
It is my hopes, that my study (My New Baby!!!) will not only, teach me a thing or two :) but also, help to inform and teach others about Agrohomeopathy's benefits and implementation on our agriculture (which is no coincidence the title of my thesis paper).
From time to time I will add and share information that I feel will help benefit others, so that they too can intern, share.
It is my hopes, in the upcoming year, to host an Agrohomeopathy seminar weekend, to be held in Toronto Canada, for those interested in finding out more about it, or to express your interest in attending, I welcome you to contact me.


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A woman has a right to change her mind ~ as often as she likes! Especially true when we learn something new and change directions as we are gathering information and sorting it all out. Everyone who is in contact with Kaviraj is influenced by his knowledge.

Agrohomeopathy is a fantastic subject area. Let us know how we can help you. I am ready to learn. Teach me.

Dear Lucy,

Am delighted by your thesis idea, but feel I must warn you that it is a vast subject where even myself I am at times bewildered. There is so much to learn and I am often at a loss on how to present things in a comprehensive manner.
After all, it is a subject that is still in the nappies so to speak – your baby analogy is perfectly apt to describe it. So although your enthusiasm is infective – I am very enthusiastic myself – I also think it is my duty to tell you that at times you may feel you have taken too large a bite. I feel like that myself at times.

I shall do my best to assist you in all your endeavours and hope we can make this the best project to come out of our combined efforts.

Thank you very much for the trust in the idea,
Dear Kaviraj,
I hope to be able to learn and share knowledge to bring awareness.

I am sure that I will need your guidance and advise.

Cheers, Lucy
Dear Lucy,

I will do everything necessary to help you make this thesis the best possible on the subject.
Your enthusiasm has boosted mine and I am sure that any questions you would have would challenge me to come up with adequate answers. The mutual stimulus of having more than one mind search for fruther answers in this great quest will only enhance the solutions we find.

I am truly pleased immensely with your change of mind - i would not want you to change it again, although as Debby says, you have the right to as many itmes as you like. I only hope you liked the change you made and that will be it.

I am also certain that you can bring much into this because you think from your own perspective which has not been coloured by experience and thus fresh and open-ended.
You can steer me in directions i did not even consider yet

Take care,
Lucy;Congratulations on your new baby "Agrohomeopathy"; I am sure given the will and added experience of GURUS like Dr Kaviraj,who i consider is pioneer on this great subject you will be able to contribute something very positive.

You have a great challenge ahead of you,but i am sure with your dedication you will achieve your goal.Keep your chin up and keep smiling.Best of luck.
Thanks for the words of encouragement Dr. Wequar Ali Khan, greatly appreciated.


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