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I heard that World Health Organization (WHO) has issued a "denied statement" on its old statement issued to media in which said, "Homeopathic Medicines have no scientific validity in curing Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza, T.B and AIDS." I am looking forward to check the authenticity of that "denied" statement where ever it is published. Please link up.

Thank you

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Dr Mas you can see this article on quack-o-meter. I would not comment there for it would be a waste of time. However, you can post your editorial comments here on HWC and we can send it out into the internet.

I have found no information related to your "denial statement."
This is the letter written by various organizations working in Pakistan but no response is given.

Ref. GRT/A/03
Date: 5 Sep 2009

To: Director General Health
World Health Organization

Info: WHO Building, Park Road,
N.I.H Premises,
Chak Shahzad,
Tel: +92 51 9255184-5, 9255077
Fax: +92 51 9255083

Subject: Verification of Statement issued by DG Health of WHO

Dear WHO Representative!

With due respect it is stated that recently a statement with reference to World Health Organization (WHO) is published in various newspapers and also been released at T.V media that “Homeopathic Medicines have no scientific validity in curing Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza, T.B and AIDS.” In this regard kindly furnish the following info:-.

a. Please verify that the statement is officially issued by WHO.
b. If yes, then why it is not been cited at WHO official web site?
c. On which scientific basis the statement is issued?
d. Where the scientific trials/studies were conducted / carried out?
e. Who carried out the scientific trial on Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza, T.B and AIDS diseases?
f. Who were the members or part of the trial group?
g. Who have conducted the trials?
h. The person who conducted the trial, his/her qualification and homeopathic experience and background?
j. Where I could find and read the findings of that research study in detail?

On homeopathic medicines, three M.Sc (Hons), One M.Phil and One Ph.D have been completed under the supervision of United Kingdom (UK) qualified Ph.D Supervisors in world recognized Universities of Pakistan. It has been verified that homeopathic medicines do have results against many diseases under controlled studies as well. You can ask for the thesis report.

It is for your kind info that Homeopathic treatment is very very effective against Diarrhoea, Malaria, Influenza and T.B. But as for as AIDS is concerned, only mild results are obtained. World Health Organization is an impartial and neutral organization/party. The organization should not be biased in its findings and statements. Before issuing controversial statements the organization should consult some research scholars of the same subject rather to base on anti homeopathic organization like “VOICE OF YOUNG SCIENCE NETWORK” which is paid and sponsored organization by the allopathic pharmacies and medical doctors.

I hope, you will issue necessary clarification statement and your organization will not place hurdles in its HEALTH CARE PROGRAMS just because of false statements received by your department from allopathic group of doctors attached with your organization. Thanking you!

Yours truly,
Thank You Madam!

If I am not forgetting then I think we are old good friends.... homeopathyhome to otherhealth to homeoint to hpathy to....... (smile)
Thank you for this letter.. It my pleasure that some of Homeopaths become very scientific.. As per your letter you have done some control studies on homeopathy... We are some doctors also perform a Clinical trial on Homeopathy.. ( on Chest diseases ). But we see that Homeopathy medicine can act as a reliever but can not show a sputum negative test on Pulmonary tuberculosis..... How ever there may be some error in our studies.. If possible than please inform me about your control study theses that may I can perform another trial with a minimal error..

Thank you

Dr. Abdullah A. Q.

Dear Dr.

The process of healing in homeopathy is completed in some steps. First the symptoms are subside and then blood report shows negative sign. 2ndly there is no such double blind controlled studies method available that can be applied to check homeopathic medicines efficacy. Let’s take the example of T.B. Our medicines are individual base, you need to take full case history and for each case you may suggest different remedy, sometime your selected remedy is all together different from the normal group of medicines like phosphorus etc but fits exactly with the case. At that stage of healing, patient does not show any sign or symptom. Patient starts getting weight and appetite is also restored normal. No fever and no cough. Although the blood screening or sputum shows sign of illness. From this stage to till negativity sign, again you need some time and believe you me, we have seen cases like in hepatitis where patients came up with NEGATIVE report after homeopathic treatment.

Your question of research work, Sir, I have not done research on homeo medicines but I am very much involved in research studies to support organization, universities and institutions to carry on research work on homeopathic potencies and formulations. These are mostly carried out on animals. On Friday, I hope, I am going to meet Dr. Farzana Chowdhry Ph.D Chairperson Deptt of MB&P Animal Husbandry College Lahore in the same matter.

So for the study is animal based, I will try to scan those theses and submit summary report at web site for information.
Honorable Doctor,

How the Homeopathic Medicine work.. till now it is a question. But by the amelioration of the complaints of patients we can realize that the medicicine is acting... In our studies some of our pt were feeling better by Homeopathic Medicines.... Some of them have minimal complains... Now we can say that the medicines were acting.. After trating for a long period (even 1 year) no patient of PTB shows the sputum negetive test ... Now tell me How can I say that Homeopathy Cures Tuberculosis?.... Only it can be a supportive treatment.

Thank you
Dr. Qayyum said "Only it can be a supportive treatment."

No, Homeopathy has treated many numbers of TB and Hepatitis patients. Here in Pakistan (not me), has many negative reports of hepatitis (before and after treatment). But I don't know why homeopaths do not keep proper documentations of these records?


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