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Hema of I Love Homeopathy Presents a case

I do not know whether this is hypothetical, a creation or a real case. 

The difficulty comes from understanding the patient, the themes and focus, adjusting for the modalities and particulars. Do we have any local symptoms? 

Here are the clues:

Touching the water she dislikes,
This aversion gives her uncleanliness drive..

Known for mistakes in speaking, writing and calculating,
Her absence of mind makes her morose and disgusting....

She becomes heedless, disobedient and unruly,
It is the stormy weather that makes our Alice gloomy



Where shall we focus the energy? 

Is it the water, washing and cleanliness that is the main issue?

What about the problems with the mind that has become so disordered it cannot function properly to come up with solutions or express itself in speech?

Then we have the general emotional and mental attitude of gloom. 

What leads to the disobedient behavior? The impending stormy weather or being forced to wash, or possibly the rain itself. I was unsure how to interpret "unclean" drive, but now after rereading it is more a desire to stay dirty, rather than to get clean. I feel I misread it to mean averse to being unclean. What do you think?

Thus, a change in the rubrics.


Hema always gives us a run for our money. 

Thoughts about this case?

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