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Great work by an Indian surgeon.


As if from a story from House MD  an Indian ophthalmologist, Dr Seetharaman, found a parasite in the eye of his elderly patient. 

On examining the 75-year-old at Mumbai’s Fortis Hospital this week, the eye expert was shocked by the highly unusual sight of the writhing parasite and had to operate speedily to remove it before serious damage was caused.

The patient's symptoms included redness and irritation and confusion. 

The record size 13-centimetre worm was alive and wriggling during the procedure. Hypothetically the worm could have entered from a cut in his foot or from eating raw or improperly cooked food, before entering the bloodstream and travelling to the eye.

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True...BBC Science had showed a programme on similar subject.

Yes the condition is called as "Loa loa filariasis" or "eye worm", geographical distribution is Africa and India. Intermediate host is "chrysops-deer fly".

Thank you Dr Suhas. You have added to my knowledge. We at HWC need each other to keep going.


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