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Viktor Kalocsai and Dr Sathe were having a live chat conversation discussing the topic of menstruation. This is a huge topic area and many people might have some words about how they handle these personal and private issues with patients. 

Viktor has provided some links as resource to begin your study. 

Granny Home Remedies

Insights on Healthcare in India

The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

I would like to enjoy everyone to answer specifically Dr Sathes question, "Can you advice me which is Homeopathic remedy for postponment of menstruation?"

You may also talk about the issues surrounding the need to delay menstruation and repercussions for this action. Please do not get too emotional. Provide sound advice without becoming outraged, etc. There are religious and cultural controversies that go along with this topic. 

Other related issues are nutrition, exercise, family planning, relationships, self esteem, etc. Plus, some women have problems with irregular menstruation in the first place. And a branch of menstruation is fertility and conception, which is located in the Fertility Group Discussions. 

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Homeopathic remedy for postponment of menstruation?"
Natrum Mur. can be try.
Dr Sathes question, "Can you advice me which is Homeopathic remedy for postponment of menstruation?"

@ Debby, as we all know that Homoeopathy is a science which is based on nature's law. So, it is very difficult to do anything in homoeopathy that against nature. So postponement of mensruation is not possible homoeopathically. But it can be done using homoeopathic medicines, using them without homoeopathic principles.
Dear Dr Basu. I am not expert in this area. I would imagine extreme amount of exercise would delay menses.

On the internet is says: Just as postpone means to make something happen later than expected, prepone means to make it happen sooner. In some situations, preponing your period (inducing it early) may be the best solution [planning for wedding date, etc]. Know, however, that this process should be attempted about two weeks prior to your normal due date in order to give you enough time to finish the flow.

Prepone menstruation with the use of herbs. Anecdotally, tea brewed of parsley leaves has induced menstruation in woman. Steep a handful of fresh parsley leaves in a pot of boiled water for about 30 minutes. Strain the tea and drink three to four strong cups throughout the day.

Use ginger and yarrow to prepone menstruation. It's not recommended that you try all of these herbal remedies at once, but if one doesn't seem to work, try something different. Just like with parsley, you'll need to use fresh herbs, brew a tea and drink it.

How to Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies |
I do agree with statement of Dr. Nilanjana..
Thanks Dr.Rajneesh
@ Debby, This is true what you say. But I am talking about HOMOEOPATHY.
The proper and effective method of this preponing and postponing of menstruation is use of Hormones as advised in allopathy. Herbal medicines are very dicy to use. And this type of postponement is done rarely, isn't it? Who gets married every month? Jokes apart. For once and twice how harmful is to give pills (hormonal)? If any ill-effects remain there are so many remedies in homoeopathy.
Hi Nilanjana. The use of this method is for the once in a lifetime wedding. However, I've been reading some of the queries and comments on the boards where the women try some treatments and this throws off their regular cycle and results in problems long term. As I said, I am not an expert in this area and do not have any solutions.

I'm not aware of how to use homoeopathy for preponing or postponing, although, I suppose, certain remedies that result through provings of delaying or onset of menses may provide desired results on a temporary basis. Then stop taking remedy once wedding ceremonies and honeymoon is over.
Yes Debby, I mentioned earlier, there can be procedures, but they will be unhomoeopathic, like mother tinctures may be used which is material in dose!


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