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Violence perpetrated on the doctors and hospital staff is very common nowadays. The persons involved in committing acts of violence on physicians and hospital staff usually include friends, relatives, strangers, local politicians, and long time criminals. Persons with a tendency toward taking violent actions do not have the patience to wait for the justice system to take legal action, and take matters into their own hands. Group psychology known as mass hysteria or mob action, plus effects of alcohol when people drink, often make the situation worse. Media publicity can also influence the situation, either positively or negatively. It is unfortunate that a good percentage of doctors and nurses who become the usual victims are not the real culprits. Those who perpetrate the criminal acts usually have high political influence, money power and influence on the media, hence never face the legal action. Similarly, doctors and hospitals committing medical negligence and other illegal activities often utilize similar influence, hence they usually escape from legal action.

Recently in Chennai (India), one lady doctor was brutally killed by the husband of a pregnant woman. When the pregnant woman was brought to the doctor, she diagnosed Intra uterine death. She suggested surgical intervention in order to save the mother. But the condition of the mother was worsened and the doctor herself had to take her to another center, but she died. Instead of utmost care and support from the doctor, the husband misinterpreted that it was due to the medicines given by the doctor. As a revenge, he came back to the doctor’s residence with a team of criminals and murdered her brutally. News Report:

There are rules and systems to protect the innocent people and to punish the real culprits, still, such sad events happen everywhere!

Friends, this can happen with anybody, because the public and the media wrongly interpret even a coincidence. There may be solid reasons for certain cases, but it is unfortunate that even for a coincidence, often the doctors are blamed and tortured. Apart from that, doctors often suffer from the mistake committed by a paramedical or nursing staff. On the other hand, there are many cases wherein nurses were badly treated for a wrong treatment given by the doctors. Side effects of medicines often create issues. Some times, the wrong policies of the hospital management can result in troubles for the staff, and similarly, any mistake committed by the staff can lead to huge financial loss to the management. So, each case is different, hence over generalizing the things is meaningless.

Lets have a discussion on the various situations that can result in attacks on the doctors, staff and the hospitals.

1. A patient with mild troubles dies unexpectedly
2. Some severe reactions after a medicine
3. Wrong treatment given by mistake (Example: Operating the unaffected organ by mistake, surgical instruments left inside the body)
4. When an emergency case is rejected even without giving first aid (more worse when the victim dies on the way to another hospital)
5. Patient dies after a surgical procedure
6. When an admitted patient is not given proper care, and whose condition goes worse
7. When a serious case is not referred to a higher center on time
8. Failure in disease diagnosis
9. Doctors or staff asking bribe from the patients (more common in government hospitals)
10. Any mistakes committed by the hospital staff
11. Misbehavior, especially on the female patients
12. As an emotional reaction to an unexpected event
13. People under the effect of alcohol
14. Politicians or criminals purposely attacking hospitals or doctors under the influence of somebody
15. When there is no proper communication with the patients and their relatives on the disease status and its complications, there is chance for an attack when any complication happens.
16. Over-restrictions on the visitors and bystanders often create issues
17. Doctors hesitating to give reports and other records to the patients
18. Complications and side effects of treatment
19. Heavy bill, even after the patient is dead
20. Ignoring an emergency call to attend one serious patient
21. Unnecessary treatments that causes loss of health and money
22. A patient in trouble is neglected by the doctors and nurses, even after repeated requests
23. Removing an organ without patients permission (Association with Kidney rackets)
24. Misguided public under the influence of crowd psychology

The list never ends here…

Dr Muhammed Rafeeque.
Family Homoeopathic Clinic.

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Note to this topic in general.

Note to point 9 :

Here in Hungary the 'praise/gratitude money' influence/s/d a very high percentage of Doctors exceedingly. They specifically demand (not aloud) those funds from the sick ones and their families, even if they can see that those people are poor!!! People nowadays think that without this admittance Doctors won't do their jobs accordingly and in many cases it's true. It's even true when the people go to private medical practices.

Medical Malpractice in operation:

I know cases when the Doctor intentionally did his task absently and the patient suffered severe infections due to the imprecise stitching of the skin. When the case went public the doors were closed and the Doctors covered each other with different 'tales'. 

Drug Abuses in Medical Malpractice:

It's a very common and typical issue in Allopathic approach of a patient. Physicians practice prescription with the Big Pharma lobby in their back. In many cases they prescribe not the appropriate drug to their patients. (i don't like this word 'drug' but those are drugs and not medicines) and if it fails, they simply move on another one and so on. The dangerous side-effects that are independent symptoms/maladies adds fuel to the flame.

Medical Malpractice injuries grow each year. We have minimum 500 on the Court, which means that there are more than 2000. This is connected to fraud and concealment of the official records or like in many cases the incidents are not recorded and it's possible that the whole range of medical staff is involved in these cases. The rights of the victims doesn't really count in these cases as the compensation, if they ever get, is very low. The Medical Malpractice Pain in many cases is reduced on appeal by the proprietor's lawyer.

Thank you for adding more information.

Pharmacy malpractices have created issues in india. Once tribes and poor people were given "free" treatment for several years. In fact, it was a drug testing by some internationally reputed drug manufacturer. But the people could not do much against this cruelty. So we should make the public aware when they go behind "free" treatments.

Dr . Rafeequee, this last comment of yours is very very important and struck a cord in me. It is of utmost importance that people realize what lies behind the "free treatment". Treatment is rarely free, there is almost always some price. Perhaps the physician is gathering experience on certain types of cases, or the pharmaceutical company is doing research and (here run, run like the wind) this is often without complete consent of the patient who only gets partial information (and hence in complete disregard to the Neuremberg code). There are the odd physicians though who take pity and treat the poor. Those physician have all my heart and love. They believe in health for all. And they give their time and resources. Good karma right there, but doesnt pay the drs food bill. So..I got stuck on this point. Thanks for a good one. One heart. Dagný

Hi Dagný, Thanks for the comments.

To this if you add the issue of cut practice or advising of false procedures and tests only to get a commission the anger of the public against the medical fraternity seems justified. This anger then erupts suddenly when there is a precipitating incident and sometimes unfortunately innocent people bear the brunt of this anger 



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