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Why is there so much fear of disease? Is it lack of knowledge/information?What is your view on all this mass hysteria?What can we do as homeopaths?

FEAR: The Master Control Programme
This is the 'Protection Racket' for the extortion scheme known as Allopathy Inc , run by the Medical Mafia.
With one hand they create and maintain disease, with the other extort taxpayers money for 'protection' through drugs--only one class of drugs, the antibiotics, has cured any disease. The more fear they can induce then the less thinking and the easier it is to control people into the direction they want: Allopathy.

They create fear of infectious disease by suppressing infectious disease cures, Hyping their danger , using the false Pasteurian disease theory, and making out man made diseases are infectious (AIDS, Polio), while covering up the ineffectiveness of vaccination, and the real reason for their decline, by propaganda.

It is also a way to cover up iatrogenic or chemically created disease under a false viral cause.
The degenerative disease racket is kept up in a similar way: suppress the cause and cures, and use largely ineffective, but lucrative, toxic Allopathic medicine that only treats symptoms (palliates) but never cures. Disease is also created by a covert-poisoning scheme, eg fluoridation, vaccine disease, Aluminium, Junk Food etc. see: Human genocide
In the US the racket is controlled by the FDA (Food and Drug Bandit), which protects and controls the market for Allopathy Inc drugs. The CDC (Disease Control Bandit) makes sure everyone is frightened of 'infectious' disease so they can sell vaccines.
1. First: Control
2. Enforce suitable disease theory.
3. Suppress infectious disease cures.
4. Suppress main factors in infectious disease
5. Suppress real reason for infectious disease decline
6. Maintain fear of disease: Use toxic therapies
7. Hype disease dangers and fear monger
8. Make out poison diseases are infectious
9. Suppress non-Allopathic doctors
10. Suppress the real cause and cures for the degenerative diseases
11. Create disease: Poison the population (junk food, fluoride)...........and now we have swineflu pandemic (another version of the birdflu hoax) that never was.

"For the public ever to break command science it must first understand the basis of its enormous powers.......Traditionally, the power of medical sciences has been based on the FEAR OF DISEASE, particularly infectious disease."--

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Gina - I think you will like this. There is some yucky parts, but overall he's silly and sarcastic. What remedy do we give to him?
Prescribe:An autonosode made from his urine/sweat/puss and acne
Daniel 6C take one #10poppysize globule succussed wet dose,and call me in the morning.................................

Anyone else?
Swine fluhoax and what is really going on

Articles by Mike Adams


As Swine Flu Spreads,

Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries
3/3/2009 - There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials...
Stories about Baxter International, Inc. and its avian influenza "oops" moment

The Canadian Press:
Now a news UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!:May 16-2009 Discussion forum -general- swineflue what is really going on.......................
Hi Gina this Raghavan you are absolutely correctly.The Fear of Disease makes you dis ease
all the time and this is highly influenced by the allopathic profession making a patient absolutely life long dependent on antibiotic and also the chemical side effects are numerous as I was one of the victims from the effects of penicillin injection for over six months in my school days that had never allowed me grow physically and mentally.Even now as my wife is Working in a very big Government Allopathic Hospital as an accounts in charge and super specialities in charge she is going on pestering me,even knowing pretty well that I can take care of myself with Homoeopathy and her own tendinitis problem with only homoeopathy, along with my mother to take Allopathic medicines for High Bp.My Blood Pressure becomes hectic when I see an allopathy doctor to the aversion in their way of treatment in giving Bp tablests which only brings down the pulse rate rather curing the Hypertension and the very sight of them making me hysteric and after I return home I become very normal and my pulse rate goes up to 120 per minute in seeing them and my Hypertension from 130/80 to 180/80 , and slight hypertrophy of the left ventricle which needs only clinical correction and due to hypochondriac and when I return home the pulse comes down to again 65 or 70. I have that sort of an aversion like Aregnt Nitricum "dislike visiting or seeing the doctor".Even I climb stairs five to six floors my pulse rate never goes up than seeing an Allopath.This hysterical aversion towards them(only Allopaths and not any body else in this world)and the gripping fear has to be over come and as a competent counterpart and I reckon you as one the best knowledgeable Homoeopaths in my mind and and we run through the same ideological nexus regarding allopathy treatment(kindly pardon me if I were wrong) it will be much befitting if I get a remedy from you like hearing from "horse mouth" or like a "soothing prophecy" and my sugar level and other kidney Serum creatinine leve 1.0mg,blood urea43 mg,Uric acid6.7 mg,Serum cholostrol 121 against 200 and my electrolytes level like sodium,pottasium,chloride,calcium and phosphorus are within the permissible levels only and my blood sugar fasting is 105 and post prandal is 140 are very normal except the fear of only allopathy doctor.if you could help me and do you ever need more particulars I shall be glad to give you the details to get rid of this phobia,aversion,hysterical fear as you beautifully mentioned and I shall be very thankful to get a remedy from you.I walk around 5 to 6 kilo meters a day without any discomfort and do pranayam( very slow breathing exercise) and meditation also and hence need very kind your suggestion as a fellow homoepath, may answer this to my email ,if you prefer please.

with best wishes

Best wishes,
The 2006 survey included 1,700 Americans. More than 90 percent said they would [willingly] comply with government orders to postpone air travel, avoid public places such as movie theaters and shopping malls, and would keep their children home from school in the event of a flu pandemic. A full 94 percent said they would stay home from work for up to 10 days to help authorities control disease spread

How Soon We Forget

The word pandemic simply means a certain type of virus seems to be infecting persons over a wide area, in this case, several states and a few countries. The word "pandemic" is not synonymous with "massive death," although the media would have us believe that the two are equal. In fact, most persons over 50 years of age experienced the last two documented pandemics and the pandemic scare of 1976. And according to a 2008 report by the CDC, "even those who experienced [the 1957 and the 1968] pandemics do not recall them as particularly memorable events."

Most persons at least 43 years of age will no doubt recall the Swine flu hype of 1976. Starting from a single, infected military recruit, the threat of a pandemic and global death turned into a full-scale media and government circus.

For many, the "Pandemic that Never Was"

created havoc, death and long term disability.

But the mayhem was not the work of a microscopic particle of replicating RNA. The carnage was created by the misguided steps our government and the overzealous drive from CDC officials to vaccinate.
see full article a must read for all who seek the truth:

The media machine did its job, the government handed over billions for more vaccines and vaccine technologies, and, of course, many of the sheep obediently put on masks and fearfully ran off to doctors to be tested.

When this has run its course, bureaucratic agencies will be slapping themselves on the back, affirming that all the systems worked ‘as planned.’Yes Even the alternative community of healers such as homeopaths fell into this hoax!

They turned the crank; the world danced to their tune.Big Pharma strikes again!


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