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It might be a lenghty post but...
I had a visitor yesterday from the US. He is 70 years old proffessor in USA, no way related to Homoeopathy. He was inquiring many things about Homoeopathy in India and about the research works all over the world. I had no answers to some of the questions. He said that doctors(Allopaths) in the US, told him that 60% of the problems are Psycho-somatic and will go away if given some time, i.e. whether you use Homoeopathy or not. What is about this??
His main criteria was that what is the mode of action of our medicines, and that the people are not having faith because the Government of no country is recognising it, officially and we, inspite of having the effects from our medicine, are unable to show the effects in the laboratory under the modern scientific medical advancements..
I would like some valuable comments..

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Dear Dr Dutta.

Thankyou for your compliments and kind words it is an inspiration and encouragement.
I enjoy writing and feel it makes my thoughts clearer - it is easier than saying it sometimes as I can do it in my own space.

Textual communication like this is always prone to mis-communication and mis-interpretation, so perhaps that has happened.

I believe I wrote about evolution as you wrote

But in our today's world we are deviating ourselves from Hahnemannian teachings........we are publishing certain rubbish books ....We are heading towards self destruction..

Again whilst one sees this as meaningless chaos another would consider this evolution. For without order nothing can exist but without chaos nothing can evolve. Order and its need for Chaos is like the polarities of Yin and Yang, hot and cold, sense and nonsense, day and night.

The brightest light is that which emerges from the darkness.
We can make that light emerge.

The variety of viewpoints and all the Homoeopathic information calls for a synthesis and amalgamation whereby a golden mean must be struck between all aspects of Homoeopathy. Everything should be integrated because integration is the way of the Cosmos.

People need to stop hiding and come together in and organized way.
What we need is a structure and a foundation, however perhaps old structures must first be destroyed so a new one can grow.

One person once said racism cannot be integrated into a rational Spirituality. If there is an equivalent viewpoint in Homoeopathy, i.e. a racism within Homeopathy towards itself and other members that viewpoint must be transformed.

"This is the high time to revert back To Hahneeman.."
This is a time to look upon each other and with the internet, we have the foundational structure whereby people are happy to be part of which is our on line community. What we want next is an organised and highly efficient global operational directive whereby *utilizing the Universal law of attraction" WHAT we need is our focus.

When we have

WHAT we need
and everyone is happy with understanding
WHY we need it
then as a global operational directive our world community can make things happen together which is better than alone because its faster, quicker and better working together.
Dear Alex,

The following attachments may be interesting to you. Please see them and reply-

................ ARINDAM
Definitely Sir...i hav my point somewat..but still untill we prove our points in a wider range and era we are still only words and no action. but one thing is for sure it will be done one day and that the day is near..

Thank u sir,,.

You know, many pharmacies have started adding SILDENAFIL CITRATE salt for making pills to be used for erectile dysfunction. The pharmacies business are on full swing. Each one is in the run to capture the market much as they can. Why it is so? The only reason is the salt has RESULT. The salt has lot of side effects. It increases blood pressure and main source of RF (Renal Failure) but pharmacies have no problem with the side effects. They are least concerned and unmoved. They need result and they invest on “demand.” The salt has result hence it has penetrated into the market and pharmacies are investing on it. Do we have such result in EDF? Only one pill 100 mg……. ;)

For rest of the points, I am 100% agree with your views. Yes, we should work for the up gradation of knowledge and study in the field of homeopathy. That’s we are doing for the last 25 years.
Its looked down upon and questioned because of us.

We never encourage others from the fraternity who would have done something good.
We never study the texts correctly.
We never participate in any conferences / discussions/ symposia of other schools of medicine, as we dont do it amongst our own fraternity itself !!
We remain as meek spectators.
Our questions are not logical to rationalize what is being said and done but many times a vent to our intellectual egos.
We have different homeopathic communities and associations whose members are more hostile than the physicians from other disciplines.
We don't have a common platform and don't ever arrive at a common platform, because we excuse ourselves as individualistic.
We turn a blind eye when something is wrong.
We talk everything under the sun but do very little to accomplish.
We never collaborate within our own, the question with the other disciplines is secondary.
We sell Homeopathic shampoos, soaps, creams, powders, napkins, towels, ... what not ?

The list goes on ....
Please remember that, 'generalizations' are just that and do not cover everyone, including all those doing good works on behalf of 'homeopathy'. Does across-the board-statements help the mission?
Dear Sir,
Thank u for the pains of giving a thought to my post and answering them so carefully. and giving me yet another set of negetives about the homoeopaths.. i did not wanted questions that is what i had given in a nut shell. I WANT ANSWERS TO THEM..
nothing else. its easy to point out the mistakes but its difficult to Answer an d follow the answers..

hope to see the answers next time..
Thank u..
Dear Saurav
If you need to prove something, you have to do it on a common platform. To arrive at a common platform, you have to seek and find it. Attend the conferences and seminars where things are discussed at allopathic technical terms and explain them in their own language. No Vital Force, Miasm and blah blah. I have done it at and am still doing for last 8 years, they only accept me and my work but not homeopathy community at large ... because the others(homeopaths)are blissfully busy in their cocoons, with explanations so mediocre that it would put you in shame.

Scientific society brags so much about the scientific relevance of Homeopathy, but a fundamental force called Gravity is only experienced. U only demonstrate the existence of gravity, by demonstrating it efects.

The old man from US who questioned you would acknowledge the homeopathic action if your treatment has alleviated his complaints. Actions speak louder.

first of all i would like to say that if u r considering Vital force & Miasms as "BLa BLa", i am very sorry to say that Your existence in this community is questioned...i agree that u hav not been getting results by all this in the last 8 years, but that is your fault and the fault of the vital force or miasams. Dr. Hahnemann had spent 12 years just to recognise the miasms in the body which is driven at the dynamic level by the Vital force and we as his followers will have to develop an insight to see the miasms and the functioning of the VF. .
Sorry to say all this but wat u said on these were contridictary to me./..
thanking u still.
Hey Dr.Saurav.
You have totally misunderstood what i have written.
Vital Force and Maisms are blah blah to Allopaths pal, not us. You certainly don't expect them to understand these, to prove your point to them...

I wouldn't have been lecturing homeopathic philosophy for 3 years, hadn't i believed in them. Results are breathtakingly accurate and perfect.

I agree with Alexander Begg on his evolution point. Change is life. A good example is of vital force concept. It was not in first edition and but we read in 6th edition.


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