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It might be a lenghty post but...
I had a visitor yesterday from the US. He is 70 years old proffessor in USA, no way related to Homoeopathy. He was inquiring many things about Homoeopathy in India and about the research works all over the world. I had no answers to some of the questions. He said that doctors(Allopaths) in the US, told him that 60% of the problems are Psycho-somatic and will go away if given some time, i.e. whether you use Homoeopathy or not. What is about this??
His main criteria was that what is the mode of action of our medicines, and that the people are not having faith because the Government of no country is recognising it, officially and we, inspite of having the effects from our medicine, are unable to show the effects in the laboratory under the modern scientific medical advancements..
I would like some valuable comments..

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Your professor is absoutly right in saying that 60% of the problems/disease are Psycho-somatic in nature. I say it is above 70% and can be treatable without homeopathy or allopathy.

As for as the mechanism of medicine is concerned it is not yet known but it does exist and it also has effect. But how? is a big question. Many theories are presented but all are without scientific basis and have raised so many questions.

Govt is not recognising because it has not been varified under blind control. All blind control studies are individual or fake or not proven or not according to the principle of homeopathy or carried out by non homeopaths or many other factors. It is a long discussion

Let me give you an example:-

Here in Pakistan, Homeopathic Dr. xyz claimed in a seminar that he has cure of nephrotic syndrome and cure rate is 80%. I took my patient (who was also a homeopath) to him. Patient was remained under his observation for one month. In one month, the doctor used so many medicines including some injections which he had brought from Germany and few capsules (may be herbal type)..... in other words beside homeopathy he used so many alternative therapies but the position is .... patient got relief (not cured). But cradit goes to Homeopathy because the person who given treatment was homeopathy.
The need of the today is to bring homeopathy on main stream and carry out research work to prove this wonderful healing pathy. But how? again a big question mark?
Thank U Sir for ur suggestion but we need even more extensive suggestions in this regard..
My dear Saurav,
let me figure it out. In your post the basic question is about the modus operandi of Homoeopathic medication - right?
It is really a big Q.- for you, me & all of us. If we see our Allopathic brethren, their glamorous world, their acceptance by the world of science; but for what, who is responsible for it? Is it Allopathic doctors? -No,... their patients? - No,... Diagnostic labs? - No,... Medicine companies? - Yes. These companies are spending millions of dollars and appointing scientists to do the research works on their self interests. A mere physician ( may be MBBS, BHMS, MD, MS.......) may be scientific minded but usually does not have the education to carry out a research work, it is the work of the science world.
But as Homoeopaths, we should have certain responsibilities also. We have to be more united, more voicy, more well arranged regarding our skills and attitudes so that the word HOMOEOPATHY be a household word to each and every communities & countries. We are going through a phase of transition, a revolution in which each & every Homoeopaths should take part. We should keep our voices much louder and clearer to the outer world, the Governments of different countries, NGOs, common peoples, our patients, their relatives to attract attention of the world of science to us. This is the way to repay our mother HOMOEOPATHY, if at all we want to see her on a scientific basis.
For a baby....... No cry, No milk.
Well said Dr AD
Thank You Sir for your valueable comments on Our area of concern. But Sir when the baby does not cry, we have to pat him/her at the back to make her cry initially. So we students need to be patted in a simillar manner, or in other words need to be shown a path to cry loud enough through our activities to be noticed. I have a firm faith & belief in our Pathy, but I feel just having faith is not enough, and should not be enough. Dr. Hahnemann himself believed that 'Prove all things & hold fast that which is true', so we need to prove igt as far as possible from our capabilities, and as a student of final year, i would like to have suggestiond regarding it..

thank u Sir...
I do not agree with DR. ARINDAM DUTTA with great respect.

Medicine companies? - Yes. These companies are spending millions of dollars and appointing scientists to do the research works on their self interests. (quoted from Dr. Arindam post)

Sir, Medicine Companies have no interest with allopathy, homeopathy or herbal etc. They have interest in doing buisness in which they can earn much profit by spending less capital.

Public are getting much better result in allopathy then homeopathy. Allopathy is Fast, accurate, reliable, scientific, easy to prescribe but with much more side effects and reason of producing cancer. It is palliativ in nature.

Homeopathy is not fast, not accurate, not reliable, not scientific, difficult to prescribe but without any side effect. It is curative in nature. (I know many people will not agree with me but it is fact if you further discuss this point one by one)

Now people's diversion is towards allopathy (the reasons are mentioned above), hence investors are investing on allopathy pharmacy because people are using them.

When you will satisfy the public with your practical demonsration and people will convert their diversion towards homeopathy and will start using homeopathic medicines with confidence then you don't bother to put blame on investors. The investor will acutomatically divert his attention towards homeopathic buisness.

Another example is from Pakistan, in 1965, there were only one or two homeopathic pharmacies. But allopathic pharmacies were in 100. Only 1 percent or below of the public were using homeopathy. Today, about 30 to 45 percent of the population is using homeopathic medicines. There are about 200 homeopathic pharmacies. Most of the owners of homoepathic pharmacies are coming from allopathic setup. After setting homeo pharmacy they also got admission in homeo and become homeo doctor also. So investors are not affiliated with any pathy. Profit is key of putting investment on demand and supply.

If you can increase the demand of homeopathy. The pharmacy owners will start investing on homeopathy. Very Very Simple.
I agree. Companies will drop the 5 dollar note if they see Homeopathy can make them 50 dollars and people want it.

Its a matter of Demand creation!
We have currently been unable to show the precise mechanism.
But I do not think we are incapable.
First of all I am thanking you for your responses regarding my post.

I am afraid, I could not express my standpoint to you precisely. This may be the reason of confusion. To tell you clearly, this post may be a little elaborate. Please bear it with me.

If we consider the whole Homoeopathic industry, we see there are several sectors in it which work unitedly. Every sector has separate occupation. Our Homoeopathy stands on Institutions, Teachers, Non-teaching staffs, Hospitals, Hospital staffs, Paramedical staffs, Homoeopathic practitioners, Patients & their families, Diagnostic labs, Private clinics, Medicine manufacturers and overall supervisions of Homoeopathic councils of state & national levels, Governments, etc. If we do our respective duties in a more well arranged & rational way, then I believe, we can prove our supremacy to the medical world. As Homoeopathic practitioners we play the major & vital role, because we serve Homoeopathy directly to the suffering humanity. In my post my opinion was that we should serve our duties in a more well arranged way so that it will be helpful to the world of science to come forward & prove the “scientificity” of our pathy.

In the past, at the Golden era of Homoeopathy in America, England, & in other parts of the world, we saw Homoeopathy came forward surpassing all existing pathies at that time to prove its superiority only with the help of the hard works of stalwarts and different Homoeopathic organizations. Hats off to the dedications of A.I.H. ( American Institute of Homoeopathy), I.H.A. (International Hahnemannian Association), British Homoeopathic Society, Hahnemannian society of Pennsylvania, New York, etc. Our today's Homoeopathy is based on their hard works and labor. Their efforts regarding the authentic representations of our pathy to the outer world, the statistical evaluations of Homoeopathic success & failure rates in comparison with allopathic results, their strong foothold over Hahnemannian Homoeopathy, Annual publications of Homoeopathic results accumulated from all over the globe, Journals of pure Homoeopathy (Hom. Recorder, B.H.J., J.A.I.H., N.A.J.H., Homoeopathician, Calcutta Journal of Medicine, Homoeopathic Physician,...etc.) and not the least- The Books- which are our textbooks still now.

But in our today's world we are deviating ourselves from Hahnemannian teachings, we are approaching towards poly pharmacies, we are forgetting our aim “treat the patient, not the disease”, and going for pathological approaches, ignoring the patients as individuals, and the most dangerous part is we are publishing certain rubbish books under the name of Homoeopathy. We are heading towards self destruction!!

This is the high time to revert back, let's be more united towards Hahnemannian teachings in accordance with the modern developments of the medical world, let's publish our failures rather than “desk-top made successes” (as BOGER told us), let's make our personal honest successes on a statistical basis, let's publish good HOMOEOPATHIC books for our next generations. I believe, in this way, we can attract the world of science to come forward to prove our scientificity.

I am sincerely awaiting for your responses in this regard.

With thanks..................................................... ARINDAM

You told- “I have a firm faith & belief in our Pathy, but I feel just having faith is not enough, and should not be enough.”
I am glad to hear it from you that you have firm faith & belief in Homoeopathy, because I am one of your Homoeopathic teachers. And you are right that faith is not all. I think you got your points from this post. Waiting for your reply................................... ARINDAM SIR.
Dear Dr Dutta evolution does not mean something remains the same. Perhaps there are some areas of Homeopathy growing which make it different than it has in the past. Maybe some for better, some for worse. In the end this is a process of itself and working based on fear and not trusting that there is higher harmony in the larger picture is a path to self destruction.

In the same way Hahnemann was part of a process and each step of his path took him to where he went, so too are the steps towards the future with each aspect of Homeopathy.

Homeopathy will not go forwards by fighting itself, for no culture can survive treason from within. Just like all parts of a Human Psyche must be undivided for wholeness and transition for evolution, so too should Homeopathy. Just like each organism on this planet is part of one whole, so should Homeopathy be a whole. To be anything else is a death wish for seperation implies disconnection.

I am not suprised some people look down upon and question Homeopathy when there is what appears to be a Messiah complex going on. This is whereby people are projecting the saviour type qualities upon someone, namely Hahnemann, and expect his teachings to save us from the chaos we live in. A return to pure Hahnemann begins to sound like a return to conservative Roman Catholicism. No Homeopathic science can be based on any orthodoxy because it is blind. The future of Homeopathic science will be a Scientific/Spiritual teaching and not a Scientific/Religious one.

In order to erect full swing Scientific support for Homeopathy, It is CRITICAL Homeopathy will need to be understood in a model which can be explained to mainstream science. I am saying this because I have good relations with allopathic doctors, young and senior - and it is this and ONLY this which will be strong enough to give significant support without taking too much time.

Once we have this the Doctors will listen to US and NOT the drug companies.

I am a full advocate of this, and it is what I seek. In addition a methodology which can be practiced and studied by allopaths to update their understanding is also necessary for coming times. The appropriate Scientific paradigm for acknowledging the mechanism of Homoeopathy seems to be within the field of Quantum theory.
My dear Alex,

Thanx for your learned & strong philosophical reply.

I never told- I am against the change.

Quote from my post - " ......let's be more united towards Hahnemannian teachings in accordance with the modern developments of the medical world....... "

I know- "SPEED, THY NAME IS LIFE", but my favourite axiom is - " SPEED IS NOT ALL, DIRECTION COUNTS ". To fix this direction, we have to do our own duties honestly & responsibly in every sector, whether I am a doc, a researcher, a teacher or drug manufacturer.

My point was- as doctors, we have certain responsibilities also to attract the attention of those researchers towards our pathy. We should provide them well arranged data from our side. That much we can do surely, if we wish. Then its their task to prove.

Isn't it?

By the way Alex, I really appreciate your style of presenting the language in a very intelligible form!

With a wish of friendship from you and a happy TWENTYTEN......... ARINDAM


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