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My answer came months after joining-

I notice that the riff raff has been carefully kept out (riff raff=skeptical crowd/randi demigods)

Thanks to careful moderation of  new incomming members. Thanks Miss Debby!

HWC is like a big room of  world homeopaths discussing anything and everything related to this amazing healing art - we are able to speak freely without having to spend energy on using our fly swatters to get rid of those skeptics.

as Dr. B from Hpathy said:"dont wrangle with a pig or you will get dirty.........." (something like that )

so true so true

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Hello Gina. I apologize for missing you on the live chat today. Busy floating around the internet and other places. This is a very kind testimonial from you about the longevity of HWC and "keeping it clean" as you might say. It is a labor of love to read everyone's thoughts, discussions, research, blogs and opinions.

We may have differing views on subjects, but to show respect for each other as individuals is part of our "honor system" here on Homeopathy World Community.
Ahhh I wanted to wait and see. Eventually with all other homeopathic sites where you have discussions these creepy crawlers (Skeptics) manage to slither in and disrupt the flow.Not here Very happy! Yes there have been differences in opinions regards protocals/dispensing/dosing/principles of prescribing......etc but it all STILL POINTS TO HOMEOPATHY (some say it does not-like with the -rad. hair transmission discussions)
Many thanks Dr Sayed. Much appreciated.
Thanks Dr. Arnold, Dr. Saraswat, Dr. Sajjadakram, Dr. Prabhat Kumar.
Your discussions gave me a fund of knowledge. Think I have to dwell on the information to get the clear picture. This is a wonderful place to learn and I hope many students are absorbing the information.
Very many thanks.
These words are sufficient to show the work of H.W.C. Yes Debby, I will again say this is the place where we get------satisfaction.
Dr. R.Saraswat.


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