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Creating Waves of Awareness

In order for a community to be successful writers need to engage with the target audience.
Part 1.

I am going to write about HWC and how the audience has been built. I hope to add value to anyone else who wants to be successful with their audiences. 


Audience & Community building
Its not just about writing an article that makes a great community. Its being the perfect mix of cheerleader, scout master, and army general in order to build and foster a community.

A cheer leader inspires. A Scout master is on the look out for new information. The army general has discipline and protection for the community.

Are you able to be approached directly? In your virtual or real office? Good writers are able to be approached directly. They can see you for who you are. Thats powerful. That builds connections and trust.

Do you share all sides of yourself? The successful share all sides of themselves, their lives too - this enables others to connect with them. We can be very professional, but if we are closed things will stagnate. Look at amazon - it lets people co-create the reviews.
Imagine there was a campfire. Everyone needs to bring wood to keep it burning.
People need to feel welcomed and amazed.When everyones wood is burning and everyone has contributed we will be in a better place.

Are we doing all the talking about our websites? Are we putting all our energy in?
What you really want is others to do the talking for you. “I’ve got to tell you, did you hear about”Getting to the people who know you is easy, its getting them talking about you.

How can we make awesome content that is memorable and makes people think WOW i learned that, now look what I can do! 


What secret ingredients foster intense loyalty, what recipe can be followed to attract more followers? What ingredients dont? What do we need instead? We will look at more of this in part 2.

Its good to consider the applications of this.  

All of this applies to business. It doesnt matter what kind of business you are running.

If your not able to be approached, are not trustworthy, and people wont go out of their way to talk about your product - some changes may be neccessary

This is particularly if not more important for Homeopathy. We have a job to do! We need to heal disease! 


To accompany this, and include everyones thoughts, I will use Prezi. its a presentation tool to store information and share. 

Here is a Prezi Tutorial.

Here is the prezi link for this article. It is in development. Be sure to check back as it grows!!
You will need to sign up to view this prezi - it is free. 
Just go to and sign up, then log in, and click on this link.

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Thanks so much for the insight !!!!!!!!!! I would also like to see a homeopathy and business group, not every homeopath is making oodles of money and knows how to market themselves in a small community with limited resources and knowledge.

All communities are different, some practice in cities, others small towns, all needing different tactics to become known, I await part 2 with interest.

Thanks so much for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing! Maybe I shall call this beginners luck! Glad it was received so well! 

 I think a homeopathy business website is due. Ill be working on that soon!

Thats right. How can we maximize ourselves in a small community? How can we make what we do count?

Pleased to meet you Anita! Your weclome!

here is an example of the kind of images we get with Prezi. Its very very easy to learn.
you can click on words and delete them with your delete key.
You can copy and paste with right clicking.

You can make all sorts of connections ! 

Most of the communities on the internet are just a fashion, whereas HWC is our passion!!!!


HWC Partners


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