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Why homeopathy is classified under alternative system or under natural medicine. WHy allopathy is another branch and all other pathies are under alternative system of medicine.Inspite of the fact that it is scientific method, we people also undergo same type of training as our counterparts in allopathy. We also study all subjects. We are also equally aware of all the subjects.Then WHY?

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Simply because we do not agree on a single definite method of case taking and remedy selection.You are aware of different approaches opposite to each other.Every body claims that he is right and others are wrong.
This is the main reason which is keeping us away from definite medication and consequently from the public.
Thanks for reply, that means we homeopaths are culprit ourselves, but allopaths also have different mode of appraoching the case.
We are ahead of them.Our system of medicine is very sensitive.A little mistake and you are out.The patient will not contact you any more.
You must agree that in Homeopathy there is no substitute of similar medicine while allopath have, that is why we must be accurate.
Then why till date we are not able to reach everyone's heart , why still people criticize us, call us sugar pill doctor, quacks, oh! Homeopath, good for nothing, Why there are so many chartable dispensaries of homeopathy , why Homeopaths are working at very low cost,
If a Allopath charges u Rs 500 for consultation it is O.K. If a Homeopath charges Rs 300 as consultation it si costly , They say u are so costly . The charitable near our house is giving us medicines just for Rs 5 /day. WHY????
Dear Neena. I am understanding this post in a different way than Sajjad. Are you asking why Allopathy has secluded for themselves a separate category, which they classify as 'scientific' mode with evidence to support going to them for medical care, while every other system of medicine is classified as "alternative" meaning outside the scope of what allopathy covers?

In this case, it is because the allopaths have done a good job of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes. They feel they are the ONLY way, while they do not recognize the OTHER modes of healing as valid. However, I do believe INDIVIDUALLY there are many allopaths moving in the direction of 'integrating' many concepts and methods, such as using meditation, herbs, yoga, reiki, art therapy, sound and music, etc.

In the same way, homeopaths classify themselves in a group separate from all others. Because homeopathy is based upon set principles and laws, there is a fundamental core foundation of finding the "similimum". And, within the family of homeopaths there are those who also utilize many other healing modalities, such as yoga, breathing, visualization, Bach Flower Remedies, Schussler Cell Salts, pilates, to name just a few.

Many homeopaths today have found ways to use the similimum as a base of understanding and lean toward mind symptoms, or sensation or other strengths that homeopathy has to offer.

Thus, there begins that division and separation of misunderstanding. We are all the same family, and it helps us grow as we understand that each "healer" is an individual, as well as, part of the whole. Like the principles of homeopathy, we can only heal ourselves if we listen openly to each other.


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