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Once a stranger came to my home and requested me to accompany him for the death diagnosis of his neighbor. He said that he had visited almost three doctors, but all of them were not ready due to some silly reasons. With no hesitation, I went to the place where only two wheelers can reach. The moment I reached the site, I could diagnose death just by looking at the body, because the signs of death were very clearly visible. I felt very sad that the family had to wait for several hours to confirm death.

Now lets have a discussion on the same topic - Why doctors hesitate to go for death diagnosis?

· People say that it is because of no scope for a consultation charge!

· I have seen many doctors saying that death diagnosis is risky because of suspended animation on rare occasions.

· There are situations where doctors lost reputation after the “failure” of death diagnosis.

· Once a young doctor told me – I do not go for death diagnosis, because I often hear my own heartbeat while auscultation the deceased person!

· Even many doctors were attacked by the people, especially in case of suspended animation in children, which is very commonly reported in the media.

· When the doctors are busy with so many sick patients outside the consultation room, they may not be able to go out.

· Now a days, it is also very risky to go out with strangers, especially at night. There are reports of robbery and assaults done under such situations.

· Many doctors say that, all critical patients should be taken to the casualty wards where doctors are ready to serve. Hence, doctors on off time should not have any trouble.

So, we have our own reasons to avoid call for death diagnosis.

But, we must also remember that many doctors have lost their reputation after ignoring the requests to see serious or doubtful cases. After all, we are doctors; we have certain responsibilities towards the society. Hence, we should not ignore the emergency calls.

For more details on death diagnosis, you can read my ezine page:

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After reading all the reasons above....i am of the opinion that its wiser that they bring the patient to the hospital...where if any chance of survival exists then equipment like oxygen and emergency medicines exist.

Thanks for the comments. Yes, emergency cases should be taken to the casualty. when it is not possible, we must reach the spot, provided, the situation is free from risk.


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