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A Story of Recent Whooping Cough August 21, 2012



Whooping Cough is "breaking out" in our town again and there is a lot of angst about who is getting it and why.  But if we step back and look at each child, each case, we can help them get through it. The beauty of working with the body is that the immune system is strengthened and a long-term protection is developed.

I received a call from a frantic mother. Her 5-year old daughter had experienced a low fever for 6 days and had now developed a persistent cough.  The night before her call, her child had a coughing fit that lasted 2 -1/2 hours.  She was turning blue, gagging and vomiting. She is a petite child and the mother was very concerned that neither of them could continue like this for any length of time. 

As I looked at her case, I chose the remedy Drosera 30c.  It is a common one for Whooping Cough, so I looked at several remedies, including Ipecac. The Drosera keynotes that stuck out were:  worse after midnight, blue lips, extreme coughing fits ending with vomiting. 

In conjunction with the remedy, I had them do the "wet sock" treatment before bed.  This is especially helpful for coughs. (Soak feet in HOT water.  During that time, soak thin 100% cotton socks in ice water, ring out, put on the feet and cover with 100% wool socks and off to bed.)   This process improves circulation and helps the body step it up a notch.  This family has a pristine diet but I confirmed that she was drinking kefir and bone broth to help support her nutritionally.  We also added Zinc and Vitamin C to boost her immune system.

Because of the extreme cough, I also recommended an onion poultice.  Onion poultices have been used for generations and are extremely helpful for coughs.  To make a poultice you sauté an onion until clear, add a bit of flour or corn meal (to bind), spread onto muslin and fold over.  Apply to chest as warm as they can stand, adding a hot water bottle to keep in the heat. Keep on for 15-30 minutes. 

The first night she used the remedy before bed and did the wet sock treatment.  The child woke up just after midnight and started coughing. It only lasted for 2 minutes!  Mother dosed her again, and she slept the rest of the night.

The next evening they added the onion poultice to the routine.  She slept for 11 hours straight. She woke up the next day saying, "I feel GREAT!"   Over the next couple of days the cough would come on when she overdid it.  She redosed 2 times during those next few days.  They continued the night time routine for 3 more nights.  Each night was a full night's sleep.  It has now been 2 weeks and the child has had no relapse and is feeling strong.  

The vaccinated child from whom she caught it is still extremely ill, more than 3 weeks later. Now this mom is trying to convince the other mom to try these steps.

Whooping cough is a serious illness but our bodies can recover very well with proper nutritional and homeopathic support.


September News | A published study in the New England Journal of Medicine indicates that whooping cough vaccines have time limited effectiveness of about 40% in the five years after injection. As incidence rises, the vaccines do not protect against this disease. 




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NEWS UPDATE: July 25, 2013 Whooping cough vaccine lags in efficiency

NVIC Whooping Cough Page

News Update: January 4, 2012

Health officials say 2012 was the nation's worst year for whooping cough in nearly six decades.

About 42,000 cases were reported last year, the most since 1955. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still gathering information, and the number could rise to as much as 50,000.

Whooping cough tends to run in multi-year cycles, and experts say last year appears to have been a peak. Also, a newer version of the whooping cough vaccine doesn't last as long as expected.

The good news: Deaths from the disease were down last year, to 18. Experts think that doctors were faster at diagnosing and treating the disease during outbreaks. 


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