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Australia is currently in the grip of a whooping cough epidemic. To stop its spread, health officials are calling for the vaccination of adults as well as children. But is large-scale vaccination the best solution? Not only is protection from the current vaccine short-lived and unreliable, but side-effects are common.

Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a highly contagious disease caused by the Bordetella pertussis bacteria. Worldwide, it causes about 300,000 deaths a year and leaves many surviving children with brain damage. Serious complications such as bleeding into the nose, eyes or brain, pneumonia, and hernias also occur.

The homeopathic approach to this problem offers a safe and sensible solution. Homeopathy has a two hundred year history of treating and preventing whooping cough without the risk of dangerous side-effects. It is so safe it can even be used as a second line of defense should a vaccine for whooping cough already have been given.

No two cases of whooping cough are exactly alike - the remedy needed by each sufferer will depend on their particular symptoms. Having said this, there are two remedies used more often than others for treatment of the early stage of whooping cough. For this reason, they are placed at the head of the list. They are Drosera and Pertussinum. These two remedies also prevent whooping cough, and can be used as part of a homeopathic immunization (homeoprophylaxis) program.

Many adults suffer whooping cough without realising it because of larger airways and so the common sound of the cough is not noticed.

See Return of Whooping Cough

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My inclination here would be to say to encourage mothers to breastfeed for as long as possible as this is the best way there is to boost the immune system. I believe that in Australia there is encouragement to long term breast feed where there are allergies in the family in any case. Natural immunity from the mother will be passed through to the child, it may not totally prevent a case (just like the vaccine doesn't either!) but can certainly lessen its impact.
Hi Fiona,

Of course! Natural immunity should be what it is all about but the tendency is to give the new-born huge injections often without the mother even being aware. The law here states that one can refuse vaccination but there are many cases where that is not given as an option. I know of one case where the father questioned the amount that was to be given as the baby was very small and actually had to take his wife and baby and go. He had police after him and it was brought before the Supreme Court that he was to be grabbed, vehicles and houses searched etc etc until he was found. He wasn't found for three weeks when he approached the court, it then being outside the period considered for the vaccines. So much for freedom of choice.

We really have to fight for our rights or we get trampled on.
As parents with new borns need to be well educated on the dangers of vaccines well ahead of time-prior to the birth of their children. Most often parents find out the toxic side effects much too late -when the baby suffers seizures,bowel obstuction............eczema..........many many symptoms directly caused by these horrific chemicals.By then seeking help is a cause for emergency. Many dont know about homeopathy,many are brainwashed by their ped."Oh no its nOT the vaccines" causing these side effects...........The community of allopaths either rufuse to connect the dots or they are just so manipulated by big pharma they start to really believe vaccines are OK and cause no side effects.
As the homeopathic community we are responsible in spreading the news about these dangers by writing articles,reporting adverse reactions to VARS,speaking to parent groups,blogs,mothering discussion forums.
you can start by reading
EZINE november 2008 issue on line free
the entire month is dedicated to vaccine dangers/how homeopathy can be used.
Listed are 2 of my interviews with prominent researchers
One of my own cases of baby with extreme siezures immed. after being vaccinated.
Amy Lansky's case of Autism cured by homeopathy
many more................................................
We must aid parents in websites that can help them through this period of confusion(list of sites at hpathy nov2008 ezine)
has a link to what your rights are as a parent to opt out- for each state
The Media manipulates the population- creates fear causing people (parents) to do stupid things (like vaccinate).
So the so called vaccination theory of modern system of medicine failed, again it proved the inefficacy of vaccination.We the homeopaths time and again said that a certain strain of bacteria gain its power by wrongly given vaccination, perhaps recent pertusis caused by a higher strength of Bacteria.Being a homeopath I can only say that individual case study is important even it is cough , well homeoprophylaxis can always beneficial unless otherwise given.
Hi All, I support a number of families in their decisions regarding family health care & offering homeoprophalaxis being one method. My first case of whooping cough was in September '08. a 3 year old who had had previous Pertussin 200c & his sister 8mth who had not had any. The possible infection source was their cousin - vaccinated but who had had a croupy cough. Thankfully the mother had a strong belief in homeopathy & their care was managed with regular phone contact & correction of remedies as needed. The 8mth old was not breast fed & was nursed successfully at home, the cough did take 100days to clear & then we could get back onto constitutional care.

In regard to breast feeding - it is only if the mother has had these illnesses as a child that they pass on antibody protection, otherwise it is only the benefit of breast being the best food for young babies.


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