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W.H.O Recommends Mandatory Rotovirus Vaccine to Entire World

Rotavirus: Every Child Should Be Vaccinated Against Diarrheal Disease, W.H.O. Says By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. Published: June 8, 2009

The World Health Organization recommended last week that the vaccine against rotavirus, a diarrheal disease that kills 500,000 children a year, be given to every child in the world.

Health Guide: Diarrhea | Rotavirus Antigen Test
More than 85 percent of those deaths are of poor children in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and the W.H.O. endorsement allows donor money to be used for the vaccine.

Rotavirus drops are already routine for babies in the United States. Without them, virtually all children are infected by age 3; most cases are mild, but some unpredictably turn life-threatening.

In countries with ambulances and hospitals, even unimmunized children with severe viral diarrhea can usually be saved with intravenous fluids. In poor countries, they often die.

The recommendation came after trials in South Africa and Malawi showing that a GlaxoSmithKline vaccine worked even in areas with poor sanitation, competing viruses, high infant death rates and mothers with AIDS. The results of trials on a rival Merck vaccine in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Mali and Vietnam are expected in the fall.

The recommendation “clears the way for vaccines that will protect children in the developing world from one of the most deadly diseases they face,” said Dr. Tachi Yamada, president of global health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which paid for much of the research.

The next steps will not be cheap, Mr. Gates said recently. Even in poor countries, the vaccine costs about $20 and the vials must be refrigerated — no easy task in places lacking electricity.

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Hi all,
do u really think it is as necessary to vaccinate that too in such costly and difficult ways, when we can do marvelous miracles through Homeopathy?
Just imagine if Homeopathy is accepted and called to do its work in place of vaccinations!!
We could save lots of life and money and energy too.
I would like to hear more feed back on this........... welcome....
One vaccine is too many!
Vaccination is the genocide of Modern medicine!
Vaccination has never cured any disease
Vaccination has never prevented diseases
see charts
shows vaccines do not reduce diseases
its about politics not about helping the sick
The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective"

The only effective thing about vaccines is their remarkable ability to cause diseases.

If you study the real statistics, or the graphs, you will find no evidence that vaccination eliminated any disease or reduced the death rate for any disease.

If you start with smallpox you will find the truth shocking. With measles, one of the later vaccines, the death rate had declined by 99.4% before vaccination!

Same story of useless and dangerous vaccines---with Diptheria (check out the first 40 years of Diptheria vaccination as recorded by Beddow Bayly), TB, measles, mumps, polio, rubella, tetanus, flu, pertussis/whooping cough (especially the highly toxic vaccines)

There may be some evidence of vaccination suppressing measles incidence but this is a bad thing. Vaccinated children still get the so called 'vaccine-preventable' diseases.

The only effective protection against germs is nutrition/diet, naturopathy & homeopathy, and by avoiding poisons such as vaccines.
The last lines are revealing.

Most places do exactly lack the facility of electricity. So how are they going to solve that? Even the WHO does not have the resources. If they do, they come from Big Pharma, which has an enormous stake in the project - by far the largest.

Who Benefits?

If you want to know who really benefits - the children or the Medical-Pharmaceutical Empire - the advise has always been to follow the money.
At $20 a pop, and a half million doses to just "save" those that would normally die they rake in 10 million.
Imagine all those kids vaccinated and it shoots up by a factor of 100 and they stand to make a cool $1 billion - repeated at regular intervals against so-called reistant bugs.
Nothing to sneeze at, because if you do,
they will fix you with shots of Tamiflu.

Panic, Pandemonium & No Panacea

In Britain they plan to vaccinate everyone by fall against what they hope will be a pandemic - playing it up all the time, while in reality only 29 people died of the disease during the swine-flu scare, which is still not over, by the looks of it.
That is, the scare.

If a billion die in the next pandemic, as the WHO fearfully predicts, it will only play in the hands of the rich anyway, for it means a billion less on the planet.
They shall say that the loss of life is good for the planet - less pollution, less poverty and thus justifying a consequent reduction in aid to the third world. Claimed to be due to the loss of workers in the home market of those same rich. Precisely what they hope for.
It should also remove all the geriatrics, so that healthcare becomes affordable and easier to pay for. What a bonus! They will only lose a bunch of shakey guinea-pigs.

Gates and Windows - Which Way Open?

Next bonus - more sick people to rake in, so that healthcare costs will still rise out of the pan. Big Pharma will laugh all the way to the bank, as in the above hare-brained scheme.
Somebody should tell Gates that he should stick to making bad PC OS's and not bring that business philosophy into charity and its donations. Gates and Windows, always closed to the user and open to corruption.

Sorry for the cynical sarcasm, but that is the reality.

Here is more proof that Big Pharma is the only winner.

Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions

By Andrew Jack in London

Published: July 20 2009 19:40 | Last updated: July 20 2009 23:43

Some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies are reaping billions of dollars in extra revenue amid global concern about the spread of swine flu.

Analysts expect to see a boost in sales from GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Sanofi-Aventis when the companies report first-half earnings lifted by government contracts for flu vaccines and antiviral medicines.
The fresh sales – on top of strong results from Novartis of Switzerland and Baxter of the US, which both also produce vaccines – come as the latest tallies show that more than 740 people have died from the H1N1 virus, and millions have been affected around the world.

150 million Doses

GlaxoSmithKline of the UK confirmed it had sold 150m doses of a pandemic flu vaccine – equivalent to its normal sales of seasonal flu vaccine – to countries including the UK, the US, France and Belgium, and was gearing up to boost production.

GSK also produces Relenza, an antiviral medicine that reduces the length and severity of the infection, and is preparing to increase manufacturing towards 60m annual doses. The UK placed an order for 10m treatments this year.

One beneficiary of the fears about the pandemic has been Roche of Switzerland, which sells Tamiflu, the leading antiviral drug, and has seen a sharp rise in orders from private companies as well as governments.

Insane Profits

A report last week from JPMorgan, the investment bank, estimated that governments had ordered nearly 600m doses of pandemic vaccine and adjuvant – a chemical that boosts its efficacy – worth $4.3bn (€3bn, £2.6bn) in sales, and there was potential for 342m more doses worth $2.6bn.

It forecast that fresh antiviral sales could boost sales for GSK and Roche by another $1.8bn in the developed world, and potentially up to $1.2bn from the developing world.
That makes for a cool $9 billion in sales. Anyone still wondering who benefits?

But there were also uncertainties for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. With demand likely to outstrip supply, and initial production suggesting that the yield for the pandemic vaccine is relatively low, they may face difficult choices in determining how much to supply to the countries seeking orders.

They are also under pressure to provide more drugs and vaccines for free, or extremely cheaply, to the developing world.
more info on WHO
the WHO corruption;
what is financing the WHO World Health Organization?
Data on financial partners-worldbank and big pharma.
The picture becomes verry clear.
Yeah, Right!

WHO else - pun intended.
In the last six months, the British Medical Journal has published a devastating critique of the WHO, pronouncing it gravely ill and sapped by a system that generates corruption, authoritarianism and inefficiency.

The articles depict an organization that is losing influence, spending money profligately and lacking any clear strategy or objectives.

Another British journal, The Lancet, writes that the World Health Organization "has lost virtually all the public health impetus that it enjoyed 10 years ago" and "may become the next Unesco."

Sweden recently withdrew from all development assistance agreements with the WHO and cut its voluntary contributions in half, in protest against "inefficiency and lack of reforms."

Last month, Sir John Bourn, who audits the accounts of 14 UN organizations, resigned as auditor of the WHO. In a blistering report, he accused WHO management of refusing to cooperate in audits that found the organization "riddled with financial irregularities."

There was a time when poorer governments regularly looked to the WHO to organize, coordinate and mobilize international efforts to eradicate major infectious epidemics.
Excellent news! Now make it defunct, since it is already inefficient and corrupt. WHO needs the WHO? Only the WHO.


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