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Which Remedies Go Well Together and Which We Should Never Use in Combination?

Dear community,

I've learned rus toxicodendron and apis don't go togheter. Could somebody be so kind and list remedies wich we should never use in combination...
Also in the case of good combination, is it important wich remedy to take first?


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Not good to combine with: aur-m, nux-m, ran-b
It is better not to combine remedies at all. If we use a combination remedy or several remedies at once, how shall we know which one helps? How can we adjust the dose?
I didn´t mean at once... I ment wich remedies can follow some other remedies and wich not because in the case one remedy is not really working and something else is needed then it is important wich interractions can occure....I think so.... sorry I think it is again my bad english....well.... that kind of combination I ment.
Look at this. These are parts of the Boenninghausen's Krankenjournale. He was giving several medicines to the patient with instructions how to use them. One medicine was supposed to be taken first, then another one and the next one, depending on the development of the case. Sometimes only the first medicine was enough and the patient was cured. He must have been the first who worked on remedy combinations and relations.
Then there is a table "Relationship of remedies" by R. Gibson Miller, where he gives complementary remedies, remedies that follow well, inimical remedies, antidotes and the duration of action.
That´s great! Thank you!
"Once, in conversation with the late Dr. Gibson-Miller of Glasgow, reference was made to his booklet Relationships of Remedies and he asked me if I had found the last column, "Duration of Action," useful. "I answered; "Well. you give the duration of action of Rhus tox. as from one to seven days. I have used it in a single dose as a constitutional and found its effect maintained for three or four months." "Oh, yes." he said, "I know; I think that column is not right." - Christopher Gordon (Scotland) (reference from Julian Winston)

The moral of the story: these are not "rules" and even less "laws" .. more like "food for thought."

warm wishes,
david hartley


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