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Patients coming to a medical practitioner may discontinue the treatment due to various reasons. Here are a few points:

1. No quick relief of the presenting complaints.

2. Completely cured cases.

3. When the doctor refers the case to another physician.

4. Strong pressure from family members or friends to go for other treatment.

5. Not satisfied with the treatment.

6. The doctor is not communicative enough.

7. Not happy with the explanation and suggestions given by the doctor.

8. No confidence on the doctor.

9. No faith on the system of medicine.

10. Fear of complications and side effects of treatment.

11. Fear of disease complications.

12. The doctor loosing public reputation after the failure of another case.

13. Doctor charging a huge amount for consultation.

14. Stopping treatment due to financial problems.

15. Aversion to spend money.

16. Hospital doing unnecessary investigations.

17. Media influence.

18. Attracted towards advertisements given by other doctors.

19. Patients with doctor-shopping tendency.

20. Another doctor suggesting to stop one particular mode of treatment.

21. Patient feels he does not need any further treatment.

22. When the patient feels better for a few days, he discontinues treatment.

23. Patients initially taking treatment as a result of compulsion by somebody.

24. Patient feels his disease is incurable.

25. Busy life - no time for follow-up visit.

26. Fear of scolding from the doctor (when the patient has done something against doctor’s advice)

27. Patient leaving due to no particular reason.

The list never ends here! You can add more…

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Thank you all for the valuable comments. We can't hold all patients coming to us, but be can reduce the number of failures when we prepare them properly. Convert them to a real homeopathic patient before starting the treating. Of course, in case of failures, refer the case before they go themselves.

I had a patient with some chronic troubles. After my treatment, the case improved very nicely and stopped coming. I thought the case is completely cured. After a few months, when I visited the nearby government homeopathic hospital, I noticed somebody trying to hide the face. It was the same patient standing in the long queue for free medicine. Thank God – the patient is still trusting homeopathy!

Great to hear,  that there is  a free governmental homeopathic clinic.

I wish our government would do the same -- would save them a lot of money, as homoeopathic medicines are only a fraction of the price of allopathic meds.

In first consultation, I always take the time to explain the treatment plan to them. I offer one month of free after care as part of my package covered by the fee, -- and encourage them to make use of it. Particularly using LM'S, there needs to be some adjustment for the optimum does and frequency.

Thanks for the comments.

Still Lack of Awareness for Homoeopathy is the root cause .

Aware the pt. time to time & see the result...We used to talk only on problem & treatment.


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