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Patients coming to a medical practitioner may discontinue the treatment due to various reasons. Here are a few points:

1. No quick relief of the presenting complaints.

2. Completely cured cases.

3. When the doctor refers the case to another physician.

4. Strong pressure from family members or friends to go for other treatment.

5. Not satisfied with the treatment.

6. The doctor is not communicative enough.

7. Not happy with the explanation and suggestions given by the doctor.

8. No confidence on the doctor.

9. No faith on the system of medicine.

10. Fear of complications and side effects of treatment.

11. Fear of disease complications.

12. The doctor loosing public reputation after the failure of another case.

13. Doctor charging a huge amount for consultation.

14. Stopping treatment due to financial problems.

15. Aversion to spend money.

16. Hospital doing unnecessary investigations.

17. Media influence.

18. Attracted towards advertisements given by other doctors.

19. Patients with doctor-shopping tendency.

20. Another doctor suggesting to stop one particular mode of treatment.

21. Patient feels he does not need any further treatment.

22. When the patient feels better for a few days, he discontinues treatment.

23. Patients initially taking treatment as a result of compulsion by somebody.

24. Patient feels his disease is incurable.

25. Busy life - no time for follow-up visit.

26. Fear of scolding from the doctor (when the patient has done something against doctor’s advice)

27. Patient leaving due to no particular reason.

The list never ends here! You can add more…

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Yes, we can consider some rubrics if they come back. I have seen most of the patients coming back with a timid face!
Very good. This can be a check list feedback form for when the patient says good bye. Or doctor may use as a tally sheet, hopefully, not many marks on this paper for the negative reasons. Best when they don't return because they totally forgot about their problems.
When the patient stops coming, the reason may be a wonderful cure or an utter failure. Some times, the patients tell about the wonderful result when we accidentally meet at the public places like market!
In majority of cases the patient will stop coming if he/she gets no relief after frequent consultations.
We should identify such patients when they are about to leave our treatment. We can easily makeout that from their words and facial expression. The best way to handle such cases is: Take their case paper and put it in the dustbin and forget everything about the same patient! And ask the patient to come for a re-case taking. Start the case on a fresh paper, and look at the case from a different angle. This method is more effective when another physician associated with our clinic takes the case.

If the clinic can have a basic questionnaire seeking a feedback to gauge their satisfaction level then we can perhaps ensure that they don't leave and if they leave they are not extremely unhappy.

Questions Like:

  1. What has been the improvement in your chief complaints on a scale of 1 to 10?
  2. What are the area's which you think is not being addressed by the doctor?
  3. Do you want to learn any more information regarding your condition?

I also feel that it is important to have a patient education session from time to time so that you can enlighten him on the subject from time to time.  This will empower him and make him realize that the doctor is working with him towards his cure.(Participative Program).

If the doctor find that the case is not progressing he should not hesitate to refer the case or take help from his colleagues or senior and not allow his ego to stop from taking advise. (Nash and many others always talk of them taking advise from other homeopaths )

Dear members

In Ireland,  it is normal to just leave without any explanation. People come and go -- often I was told later, that things worked out fine, and they simply did not feel the need to contact me again.

Dear all,

here in Finland it is the very same as in Ireland. People are not used to come back because their symptoms have gone away. They can come back after few years and tell new symptoms. They say that "Maybe you can solve this too, because the old one was cured so fine earlier".

This is fine situation, and I am sure we all are looking for that.
I think it is like our Dr. Samuel Hahnemann has said - we should help the patient, if there is something which is forbidding patient's life in physical- or emotional- or spiritual level.

So I think we have done the best choice when people are happy to have a free life without any harm.

all the best Helena


In Ireland, Finland, and all other lands, the mentality of the patient is same. That is the reason why same materia medica amd remedies works everywhere!

Yes, this tendency is common everywhere.
Wouldn't it be good to list out the expected protocol during the first consultation. The importance of follow-up and that your doctor will tell you when your treatment stops.
Yes. It will be useful. The first impression is the best impression, similarly, the first consultation is the most important one that decided the success of treatment.


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